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"It's a real burn, being right so often."
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January 15 2006

Nathan pimps Dead Trolls. I have no words. Needs Flash Plug-in.

Didn't know these guys were still around. Used to get their song "Every OS Sucks" stuck in my head, back in the day :)
That cracked me up! Gonna go all internet-nerd here for a second, but....Nathan 'roolz'. He just seems such a cool guy to 'hang' with. Can I 'hang' with Nathan? Cuz that would 'rool'....

Okay, I'm all out of hip slang....
I love the 3 Dead Trolls, that was so funny.

Either Nathan has a limited wardrobe or he did that after Sunday at the Flanvention.
That is a funny promo! It's been around since last fall.
Ahha, I knew this had been posted before, took me a while to find it though. Here it is.
Ah, I did an archive search and it didn't come up. Darn.
That headline is just *wrong.* But, it made me click, so it's done its job. And I IMed all my Browncoat friends with "omg nathan pimps dead trolls, lol!" and linked them to it, too. Still, *WRONG*.
Well, it may have been posted before, but I didn't get to see it.

Nathan rocks socks, that's all there is to say.

In fact, somewhere out there, in the great grey expanse of worldy stuff, a wee little sock is gleefully rocking.
Every so often, a duplicated item slips through the net. This is no exception. It can stay.
What in the...? Ok, I'm awake now!
That was great! Must of missed it before. Only wish there was more. Thanks, Rogue Slayer.
Don't worry, Rogue Slayer! I had seen it before and am still just never gets old! And there are a lot of folks who might have missed it the first time 'round, so posting it again could be considered a public service! ;-)
I didn't mean my comment to come accross as "we've had this link before so it should be deleted". It was more that I was sure it had been posted before but it took me a good 5 minutes to find it so I was happy when I finally did :)
I've seen it before, but it's not something you should see just once. So thanks, Rogue Slayer, for posting it. Plus, people should check these guys out. They're hilarious. I watched "Who Cries For The Piņata?" for the first time. It's heartbreaking. Support your local Piņata preservation farms!

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