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January 16 2006

Previews of Joss books. Ever wanted to read 'Finding Serenity', 'Five Seasons of Angel', 'Seven Seasons of Buffy' or 'Joss Whedon: The Genius Behind Buffy' but haven't for some reason? Well Smart Pop Books has PDF previews of these books at their website.

Ah, thank you, Simon. Excellent site:)
Great site! As well as the previews you can follow the link to 'free stuff' and then have " "Fun with Joss" one of their favorite Smart Pop people! It's a fun little thing in flash (I think.
As good a time as any to just chime in and say thanks to everyone who bought "Finding Serenity" and enjoyed it. It was a fun project to be involved with, and I hope everybody who bought the book thought it well worth their time and money. I still get the occasional e-mail about my essay, so folks out there remain interested enough in the 'Verse to read what others have to say about it. Thanks again, y'all.
All the books are worth buying if only for the fact that the Joss bio is mostly a collection of his interviews and postings on various boards. And who wouldn't want a book full of Jossisms? And the take on Buffy and Angel by people not in the industry is interesting.
And yes, bobtaylor, Finding Serenity is a very good read.
The Joss bio is more of a hagiography than anything else but it's fun lightweight reading. The definitive Joss bio still needs to be written.

And I should mention that Jane Espenson has a chapter in the 'Flirting with Pride and Prejudice' book.
Oh, that's just a good question. I've often thought of it, but I fear I wouldn't do Joss justice on the piece. I think that's a mark he'll need to make on his own. Just my opinion.
I have to say, 2 months before the release of Serenity, I bought the book Finding Serenity, and I loved it. I thoroughly enjoyed it, some of it was quite inciteful, some of it just plain funny. Its amazing how different people can view one work(Firefly in this case) and each have a different view of it, something to appreciate. I have to say it deepened my appreciation for the show. I think if anyone have not bought that book yet, they should, its well worth the money and time.
Is it better for to buy through the linked site or Amazon?
foofarw, what an excellent name. It didn't make sense until I said it out loud. Welcome.
I'm dense. I still don't get it. Foe of a raw...something? Foo far aw? Foof araw? As I said, I'm dense. That is why I usually don't try to figure these things out unless they are too obvious to be ignored...or unless someone mentions it...
Hi everyone *waves* - so glad i got to join this christmas.

Newcj - foofaraw is a standard English word which means "an excessive amount of decoration" - no known etomology according to random house dictionary. Zoe used it to describe the dress Kaylee really liked and got to wear in "Shindig".
Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Of course. Somewhere in my head is a variation of the word that is not quite what Zoe said, but not so far away that I did not recognize it in the show. I cannot quite get it to come out of my mind properly though. Maybe some Midwestern or Southern (USA) variation from one of my parents (in line with things that include "warshing and wrenching clothes" for instance. ;-) ) Meanwhile "froo froo" is the closest sounding synonym that comes to mind right now.
newcj, with all due respects, I think you owe foofaraw an apology.
Gee, just when I thought I had caught up, I get totally confused again. Is that a joke Madhatter, because if not I am at a total loss at why I would owe foofaraw an apology. If it is a joke, I don't think I get it.

The only thing I can figure is that "froo froo" has some unfortunate meaning where you come from whereas, as I said, where I come from it would describe the stuff on Kaylee's dress. That said, if foofaraw is in need of an apology, for whatever reason, I'll be glad to supply it. He/she just needs to say the word and I am there..though it would probably make a lot of sense to be told why I am apologizing. (I don't have time to Google just now.)
Umm, Madhatter, i don't get it. Why should i get an apology? Is there some subtext (or blatant text) going on that's way over my head? Newcj's comment seemed sincere to me... Or maybe you are joking... *rubbing head confused*

eta- newcj just beat me to it.

[ edited by foofaraw on 2006-01-16 22:11 ]
I think we should perhaps move on from this.

foofaraw in answer to your question, it would be best for Whedonesque if you buy it through Amazon. You can find the relevant link here or on the right hand side of the front page.
Simon, It sounds like the misunderstanding is probably over, no harm no foul.

As a follow-up on foofaraw's question however, if we link to Amazon through Whedonesque and buy something other than what the link is for (like click a link for something Joss but then go elsewhere on the site and buy something else) does that help Whedonesque at all? I have no idea how these things work, but have no problem adjusting my habits to help out if possible.
My fault, I read something that wasn't there. Sorry.
newcj that I am not utterly sure about, you would be best to email Caroline and check.

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