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January 16 2006

'Serenity: The Official Visual Companion' ranked 509 at Amazon. This site will tell you the top 10,000 books at Amazon. Do a search on the word Serenity and you also see that Finding Serenity is 648.

The comic book and RPG is also there at 1567 and 1777 respectively. This doesn't seem to cover anything but printed matter.

This is good. As far as dvds, Serenity is still at the #2 spot, with Firefly at #5. Also, the Firefly Soundtrack is #40 in the Top 100 Best Sellers.
Amazon gives this info directly on their product page (see " Sales Rank"). Weird thing it says the Visual Companion was #411 yesterday, #309 today...
I checked out the details on the product page a few times in the period between Christmas and New Year. The highest position I can recall was #109 on Boxing Day.
So, how well is it doing for a movie tie-in book? I remember someone mentioning it was a succes (as well it should be: The Visual Companion is great), but I have no real frame of reference for these positions.
Yeah, it's hard to really form concrete statistics on these things but from what I've seen the film and all its merchandise seem to have been selling well. At least online, at any rate.

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