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January 16 2006 goes down -- temporarily. Wondering about the whereabouts and status of the new Browncoats board that went up as the official board went down?

According to Gossi, in the eighth post in this thread: "The web host has removed it, saying it uses too much server resources."

If you're interested in the Browncoat board's ongoing search for a home (cue theme music) -- or if you can help -- pop in on this thread.

That is just bloody great. However, I have full confidence in Gossi, he is da man. I am going through withdrawal symptoms here, I mean if I can't visit that site, what am I going to do? Work? PFffft. And if you need money to help pay for the site, do not hesitate to ask!
I added EZboard forums to the Canadian Browncoats site a while ago - although we tend to use our Yahoo group mostly. I don't know how much traffic they can handle but they charge a minimal amount.
gossi, isn't this your board? Give him a chance. I can't even think to imagine the trouble to raise a room. My hat will always be off to gossi.
Go, gossi! You must be going crazy, but we are all with you! :-)
Go go gadget!
Aw, gossi... I can't help in any tangible way, but I sure miss the board. I haven't posted much yet, but I checked in often! We're all behind you, just a little further back here!
Dreamhost seems to be a nice place
Go go gadget!

Great, now the only way I can picture gossi is in a raincoat and hat. Possibly with a large propeller rising out of his back, and a chainsaw for a hand. Oops, now I'm picturing gossi as Bruce Campbell and saying "Groovy!" I'm very confused. ;-)
I have complete faith that Gossi will come thru for us.

Note to Kevin directly: look for an email from my man (Garth). He might be able to help you out.
Go Gossi!!!!

*twitches from withdrawal*

*twiches* *drools*.... anyone got kleenex? *drools more*
LOL, don't you pay a server for the hosting? If you pay them, they can't tell you use too much resources... you pay for what you use... um, this makes sense to me... let me know if you need any help Gossi. The hosting company I've been using is great, and surely we could cover the cost for some dedicated goodness with user donations.
There are usually loopholes in the TOS agreements that allow a provider to terminate an account if it uses too much of the resources. A dedicated solution would probably be the best option, that at probably $100-150US it's not a cheap solution...
Yeah, nearly all web hosts will terminate an account if it has ~100 concurrent users every night. The won't make a money from an account like that, it'll just batter the server and cost them money.

I've just finished an intensive night of sex and love. No wait, server admin. A new 'semi' dedicated (VPS) box is up and running with Debian installed from scratch, with the data migrated over the interweb. People should start seeing it live over the new few hours as their ISPs catch up...
You are adored, gossi.

Thanks for all the hard work and dedication.
Wow! You are amazing! Thanks for all of your VERY hard work, Gossi. We Browncoats truly appreciate all the time and effort you've put in - can't wait to get back to posting ;)
Assuming the DNS has propagated out here, which I assume it has since the forums are up, I see you're on TP. Hope you don't have the problems I've had with them ... generally pretty decent but sometimes I swear they have monkeys for admins.
Yeah, it was TP before via Hostgator... It's VPS via now. It's very clunky but it should hopefully hold together longer.

PS: The website really is like the ship - a bit tacky, occasionally unreliable and also home to folk.

[ edited by gossi on 2006-01-17 02:53 ]
No worries, gossi. If we Portlanders can entertain ourselves while the theater for the May 5 screening corrects the reels being out of order, we can entertain ourselves until this blows over, too.
By the way, I don't think it's been covered here, but there's an archive of the old Browncoat forum here.
Uh, is that link meant to work when the forum goes back online? hehe.
kurya, the site is back online (in fact there's about 20 people online at the mo on it), but it will take a while for some internet providers to catch up. Folk should email me if they have problems accessing tomorrow (to keep whedonesque clean).
gossi - you should be happy with Linode. That's where I'm at now. Once you tweak the configs a bit so you're not swapping ever 5 minutes it works beautifully.
I guess, because I can't access it yet, I am not part of the cool people crowd to get in, Just kidding hehe ;). I will have to just deal with my withdrawal symptoms.
they're back! yay! *hugs gossi*
For those the DNS hasn't propagated to you could add the following line to c:windowssystem32driversetchosts and it'll make things work. In 12-24 hours, though, it'd be best to remove it so in the event things change again you aren't stuck looking at the old stuff.
Does anyone else find it ironic that when a website is successful it has troubles? When you think about the limitations of technology, it makes sense. Just ironic.
Does anyone else find it ironic that when a website is successful it has troubles?

Yeah. In fairness, it's about money. The website is put together on a budget of hardly anything, held together by my sticky back magic. If I plastered it with popup adverts and GIANT BIG BANNERS (see also: most commericial websites) it'd be fine, but I don't plan to do that.

Really, as the interest in the 'verse dies down, the cost will decrease.

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