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January 16 2006

(SPOILER) Marsters heads back to "Smallville". Brainiac is coming back, and he's looking to enlist an unwitting Lex Luthor for help..

Very nice to see James given headliner status in the article. Looks like they used a pic from Cool Money instead of Smallville.
killinj, They have graduated from the bleach blonde though. Most people have him pictured that way.
I am thrilled that it sounds like James will be working closely with Michael Rosenbaum. In my opinion,they are 2 of the best actors on the show and my interest goes up whenever either one of them has a scene. Together they are going to be "hypnotic" .
Doesn't look like this will air til late February at the earliest,so waiting,waiting,waiting...
Milton Fine messing with an unwitting Lex Luthor. Sounds like good clean fun.

I'm glad they didn't use a Spike pic in the article. Brainiac with bleached hair is not a look I want to see. I would have preferred seeing an actual Fine pic though.

And I agree with Berry. Rosenbaum and Marsters are great together. Now if we can add John Glover to the mix I'll be even happier.
Pindara, you read my thoughts. Lionel Luthor, forced to kneel before Zod...

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