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March 05 2003

Review of AtS 4x13 "Salvage."

Not much of a review, just rant on how much this person hates Cordy. It doesn't even mention the whole Lilah/Wesley exchange. Btw, does anyone think it could've been The First impersonating her?
I thought it might be the First... until she touched Wess.
She was too specific in articulating his doubts. She was definitely an image in his head/heart.
I've officially jumped the ship of everyone who thinks Cordy is really Cordy. If Cordy is just a glamour for the big evil, everything she's done this season makes sense. She comes back with no memory, cause it was never her. She sleeps with Connor to get a hold over him. When she has lost her main lacky, The Beast, and when it seems Connor's affections for her are waning (he gets all glowy about Faith,) oh look honey, I'm pregnant, and the child's yours, and I love you again. I believe her disinterest in Connor after the sleeping together was due to the fact that she thought Angel was going to be her new butt boy. With Angelus not only doing his own thing, but killing her minions, she needs Connor more than ever, for her plans. All the melodramatic crap that was bugging the living hell out of me this season clicked into place with this episode.

Just a thought, kids.
Things I loved about this ep:

1) Faith's new maturity

2) that fact that she remained in jail only because she wanted to

3) the Bringer knife wielded by her attacker in the prison yard (I'll take my cross-over jollies where I can get'em :-))

4) her loyalty to Angel

5) that even when she was beaten down at the end, she still had it together enough to smash the window to prevent Angelus from raping her

6) Connor's budding crush on her

7) Wes talking to himself through Lilah's image (snif)

Things that, um, need improvement:

1) Evil Cordy is better than Saint Cordy, but still not very convincing

2) Didn't we do "evil pregant woman bearing a champion's child" last year?

3) Why can Angelus dodge the Beast's attacks, but no one else can? I always thought Faith was faster/stronger than Angel(us)

4) The Beast was introduced in a spectacular and chilling manner, only to be dispatched in an almost offhand way

5) Faith walks in and takes charge, but she doesn't make any ground-breaking decisions that Wes or Gunn couldn't have made. Why did Wes let her take command like that? Didn't it occur to them to use the tranq gun on Angelus once they decided they didn't want to kill him?

6) "Give mama some sugar" Ugh.

Faith rocks. And she doesn't cross her arms while making ponpous speeches. Slay away, girl! Wooo!

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2 observations: Buffy/The First touched Spike in Selfless and Jenny/The First touched Angel in Amends.

Long Live Faith!
I removed the spoiler tag from your post Robo-Ritter as once the episode has been aired in North America it's no longer a spoiler.

Hopefully I'll get to see this episode very soon, sounds like it was an amazing episode.
That episode rocked. Faith's personality is still intact. I can't believe I liked a Fury ep; what is the world coming to? :) The only bad part was waiting half an hour before she showed up.
Anyone else think that Angelus isn't Angelus, but Angel pretending to be Angelus? He only bit Lilah after she'd been killed by Cordy. He staked the vamp in the bar. He didn't bite the girl in the street. He interceded in the fight with the beast when the beast was finally getting the best of Faith. He killed the beast.I'm still not sure yet. The part that was extremely confusing in a Whedon sort of way, was the beast being dumb enough to make a weapon that would destroy him and evil Cordy using it against Lilah and then luring Angel with it, didn't she suspect that he'd figure it out and do just what he did?
Vamp_Insurance, how can you not mention when Angel called Dawn. That was just beautiful. Dawn? Is your sister there? She is? (Sigh) The other one.

I thought the jail sequence was so odd - like stepping out of the Angelverse for a few minutes. Faith was brill, though. No nonsense, get it done. And no longer getting a real thrill out of the kill, it seems.
samara1: Oddly, I think it was kinda review. There lots of reviews in the net, so I don't see why I should write about all aspects of the show, as everyone does. I just pick the ones that I think are interesting.

Angel/Angelus? Nice idea.;-) I don't think so. It has been discussed a while... I guess, cause Angel pretended to be Angelus in season 3 (fooling Faith). I don't think that's the case here. If it was, it would mean the writers are copying themselves, and I don't think they sunk that low. ;-) Besides, I wouldn't know why. If he was Angel (and not Angelus) he would have stopped his performance as soon as he killed the Beast. He didn't, so it's pretty sure, it's Angelus, in my opinion. But I admit, there's still the question why we didn't see him kill anyone. (But "eating" Lilah should be prove enough of him not being Angel, I think).

Vamp_Insurance: Yeah, you're right. Improvements urgently needed. :) That sugar thing - argh.
"Just like riding a biker." Faith is back, and that's my new fave Faith line.
brother_grady: You're right. I just re-watched the ep and I actually laughed out loud when Angelus makes a weary face and says "It's the other one."

That's good Boreanaz/Fury teamwork there. :-)
Wess saying "5 by 5" made me scream like a girl.

Damn I love this show.
I always like to spot the movie references, too(sometimes more than I actually like the references):

Angelus' Colonel Kurtz quote about being an errand boy sent by grocery clerks. (ME must really like Apocalypse Now. But this quote is no where near as good as Peterman's job on Seinfeld.)

The "Pop quiz, hot shot."- always nice to work in another Joss product.

And I don't know if it was intentional, but Cordelia's pre-makeout line to the Beast reminded me of Ash in Army of Darkness. If only she could have told Connor, "Aw, that was just what we call pillow talk, baby."
Someone on another board said 'Wes and Faith' are a better Watcher/Slayer team than Buffy and Giles have been since S3. Or something to that effect. 's Funny how it's Buffy who turns out to have the bigger emotional problems than Faith.

... that scene with Wes decapitating Lilah? Chilling.
I'd forgotten about that by the time the show ended, but I loved the "5 by 5" too. Wes' evolution which I was liking long before he became the bad ass abandoned brooder is one of my favorite parts of this show. It will never eclipse my love for Doyle or Lorne, but what really could?
"Five By Five."Best line ever!!!

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