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March 06 2003

(SPOILER) Episode titles for the rest of Season 7 from a source who worked as an extra on S7x19.

From "Darth Rosenberg" at the BC&S:

17 - Lies My Parents Told Me
18 - Dirty Girls
19 - Empty Spaces
20 - Unlock The Power
21 - Pipe Dream
22 - Chosen

Some of these might be working titles (subject to change), but Wendy is validating the source so it sounds credible. The thread also contains spoilers for 19.

Here is the writer/director list as well as I can remember from the always reliable TvTome, home of the Sisquo rumor.

17 - w. Drew Goddard & David Fury; d. David Fury
18 - w. Drew Goddard; d. ?

17 & 18 confirmed by Fury and Goddard at the Bronze Beta.

19 - w. Doug Petrie; d. ?
20 - w. David Fury; d. Marti Noxon
21 - w. Marti Noxon; d. Marti Noxon
22 - w. Joss Whedon; d. Joss Whedon

22 confirmed by Joss at the 2003 PBP.
Spoiler Slayer has a different take on this insider information from the Cross & Stake. Spoiler Slayer believes the information was planted there from someone in New York, and that the C&S post was partially based off a different post at which didn't include the title list but reads more convincingly.

"Lies My Parents Told Me" and "Chosen" are probable. The other titles are very uncertain. However we do know that there's a high chance Faith takes the Potentials to The Bronze, Faith dances a bit (whoo hoo!), and the cops are still after Faith. What does this tell us? That sometimes spoilers leave us pretty much right back where we started; waiting for the real thing to get filmed and broadcast.

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