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January 17 2006

(SPOILER) Who Was The Killer On "Reunion"? Kristin at EOnline reveals the identity of the killer on Alexa Davalos' cancelled show.

My guess would be the WB.
It was Professor Plum, wasn't it?
It was either Ben or Glory...
Don't make me go there, zeitgeist. Because I will.

On another note, Kristin's right. This does suck. This raises more questions than it answers.
Question #1 (essay) - Why haven't mobs of people descended on Fox with pitchforks and lanterns as they used to in classic monster flicks? Especially given that reviewers have taken to use phrases like (paraphrased) "Not quite the quality I've come to expect from a cancelled Fox show, but great nonetheless."
They don't make mobs like they used to. The masses need to stand up and fight for what is right, which at the moment is good tv. I'll be sure to pick up a lantern on the way to the Fox studios.
I've used up all my lanterns and pitchforks. I'm all out. I'm also officially exhausted from all the mob psychology!
I only watched the first two episodes of this, and it didn't quite catch me. But I dunno, maybe it got better. Was this good tv, and should I be screaming at Fox for cancelling another great show? Or not?
riaspark17 - I thought that the concept behind Reunion was one of the most brilliant ideas for a TV series ever - but the dialogue so incredibly effing awfully. I'd be majorly groaning every few minutes. With better writing and direction, the show could've been great, but sadly, that's not the way it turned out.

I watched the first three or four episodes, and I found it oddly compelling, but I ultimately decided that it was a waste of time.
With more and more heavily-serialized shows finding their way into production, it's going to be a tricky game the networks are going to play -- setting up for season-long story arcs, but canceling shows early when the ratings come in low. I actually devoted half of a recent TV column to this dilemma.

Normally, I try not to self-promote, but it just fits in so nicely here. If anyone's interested, here you go.
The link to TFA is broken, can someone post a transcript of it?

Edit-At the bottom of the Fox elaborate on why Kitchen Confidential got canned article there is a highlightable spoiler giving an answer. Is it the same as Kristin's answer?

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