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January 17 2006

Spike the budgie wins Young Cross Stitcher of 2005 award. And a big "awwwww that's just too cute words" for this news item.

I'm usually allergic to "cute", but this is gorgeous.

I think the original Spike looks better, though.
Let's hope Dru doesn't put him in a cage and forget to feed him...
I sense a spin-off.
Let's hope Dru doesn't put him in a cage and forget to feed him...

ha! You made me laugh!
Darn that's adorable.
Oh my god, that is too cute! Hee! :D

And the budgie's even blonde...!
Blondie Bird!
could not be found. :(
Glad that someone else is having the same problems as me. No matter in IE or Firefox-- cannot be found.

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Blondie Bird, indeed! Killinj, you beat me to it :)
Aww, that's so sweet!

I wonder if that bird dies her feathers, or is she a natural blonde....
What a great story.
I thought it was cute when my cockatiel took all the straight pins out of a quilt I was making. I wonder if I had kept it up, would he have figured out how to finish it for me?

Thanks for posting this! :-)
I wanna see the "too cute" "Blondie Bird!" But I cannot get to the site either. Help!
I'm not sure why some people can't see the page and others can.

But it is front page news on this particular website so try accessing it that way.
Thanks so much, Simon! :-)
I love the fact that the magazine writer even inadvertently dipped into Buffy lingo with the disclosure that Blondie Bird's prize will be "something stitchy"!
Darn that's adorable.

Is that a craft pun?
Because that picture is cute and had me in stitches.
OK. I'll stop now.
I think this ranks right up there with the onion blossoms in the "If you tell anyone about this" category! Thanks Simon. Nice way to start the day.

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