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January 17 2006

Eliza Dushku on Conan O'Brian tonight. If you are still up after that you can catch Seth Green on Carson Daly. Starting at 12:30am ET on NBC.

I would love to see her get on her knees in front of the camera and say, "Please Joss, I need Faith!"........I love to dream.
I'll be watching her tonight. I never miss an episode of Conan. Vote for Tarja. I'll tell you all what she talked about on the show when it's over.
Looks like Seth Green is on Last Call tomorrow night (not tonight).
She didn't mention anything relating to the Whedonverse, but she was great nonetheless :D
Cool, I like Late Night, very funny show, I'll be sure to check this out.
She didn't mention it, but Conan did introduce her (twice) as having been on Buffy. Man, I wish we'd gotten a Faith spinoff.
So, in actual fact, was this an ep of Conan on Jan. 17? Darn, if it was.
It was indeed.

Appeared on my computer as if by magic this afternoon.
Cnbc Europe broadcast Leno and Conan starting at 10pm and 1045pm GMT respectively on a 3 day delay so it should be transmitted on Friday

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