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March 06 2003

Celebrity Lookalikes - Buffy Wannabes Oh the sillyness...

Rate the wannabes!

Yeesh. I don't think any of them are even close. Most of the Buffy look-a-likes look a lot like Harmony, actually.
okay whoever told these people they look like buffy, willow or spike are big fat liars. that one guy has a slight resemblance with Angel though. he got a 5, i'm easy like that.
Wow. These people are morons (for the most part).
A potato from my garden looks like Joyce and Giles on a car hood. I swear.
Bogu, take a picture and put it on the 'Net.

As for these wanna-bes, it was a pretty lame lineup. I look more like Xander than any of those Spike wannabes look like Spike, and I gotta beard.

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