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January 18 2006

UK Channel showing 'The Inside'. UK Channel ITV4 starts showing Tim Minears' The Inside on Friday 20th January.

Showing is scheduled for 21:00 repeated at 02:10 the next morning.

So we're actually gonna get to see the final episodes of that show? Outstanding!
There is one "N" in Minear. Thanks.

And yay for all the episodes finally seeing the light of day (and hopefully the light of bittorrent).
Oh, can be sure of that! Bit torrent is your friend.
Is there *any* hope for a DVD?

At least all eps will have aired... and could *ahem* wind up on our computers magically.
There's an ITV 4 now?
Ha! NCIS is on at the same time on FXUK. I lose.
I'd be willing to ship in some for the rest of the series if anybody has that capability. I'm a Californian victim of the Fox network. My name is
Yay - another cancelled series I can fall in love with.
:) My offcolour commentary for Simon's previous post is to wonder how one pronounces FXUK if they don't spell it out as EFF ECKS YOO KAY. I know, don't encourage him...
Yay! I've been waiting for this to start. I'd heard they'd got it, but hadn't heard a date for the start before.

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