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January 18 2006

Jane Espenson has a brand new site with a blog. "Writing for Buffy was unusual among TV writing jobs, in that it actually results in writers -- not just performers -- having fans. This is, I must say, lovely." Also, she had ribs, baked beans, and a Caesar salad for lunch, today.

she needs an RSS feed meow.
Just earlier today I was thinking about how some people in the Whedonverse are very active online (Joss, Nathan, Adam, Jewel, Tim come to mind) while others aren't. Nice to see Jane is stepping up her online presence.
Wish I'd read the comments here first, just spent ten minutes hunting around her site for an RSS feed. Problem is she's using Greymatter, which is great blogging software but it's lacking a good RSS generator (which is why I stopped using it). Drat.
Oh, I just sent off a note to say great site, how about an RSS feed? Hopefully something can be done about that!

It's early days - hopefully her insight into writing for different kinds of shows will be interesting.
The blog is cute and I really like JE, and then I screamed in frustration upon reading her first entry b/c of this: "A few weeks ago there was a lot of noise and teamster-style shouting outside our writers' room. Turned out, it was burly men taking down all of the Arrested Development sets. Terribly sad."

I wish her all the best of luck on Jake in Progress, but AD was the only network comedy I faithfully watch or could possibly count as a fan. To hear the sets have been taken down is distressing, to say the least, despite the rumors that another network will pick it up.
Very cool! I look forward to reading her posts.
Wow, that's a revamp and a half. Consider me impressed.
Designed by the mighty Polgara, as well.
Oh very pretty! I have always liked Jane and blogging about writing? Even better.
Very good read. I can't believe how much of a "Fox" ABC pulled with that Heather Grahm show.
So awesome. Jane is far and away one of my favourite of the Buffy writers and I'll eagerly hang on her words. I also wrote to request an RSS feed. Because, you know, far too lazy to click a link every day. Just flash in my system tray, dammit!
I'm glad she's got this. Jane always was one of my favorite Buffy writers, and to top it all she seems like a really nice person aswell.
Add me to the list of people looking for an RSS feed.
*Bad Kitty resists the urge to sing (loudly) one of the many tediously verbose "Odes To Jane" she has penned over the years... Bad Kitty instead does a lightning-fast Dance Of Joy (imagine a pop-locking jitterbug) and evaporates in a buzzing mist of iridescent glee*
Excellent. Me heart Jane.
Thanks for the link. I am definitely a major Jane Espenson fan.
I'll definitely bookmark, I'm a huge Jane fan. Also, I'm both pleased and saddened to acknowledge that she eats much better than I do. Ramen much?
Duly bookmarked. I am going to enjoy reading her thoughts and menu notes :)
I've bookmarked it too. Fantastic site. I will be watching it in the future. I think Jane is extremely talented and seems like a nice woman too.
Jane is awesome. I'll be reading her blog.
Jane is one of my favourite Whedonverse writers - DMP is one of my favourite episodes! But I also noticed that Jane wrote on Dinosaurs - I loved that programme - thought it was one of the funniest series of the early nineties!

I will definitely be visiting this site frequently.
I enjoy reading Jane and color me weird, but I love hearing about her lunches, too. Normally I wouldn't bother with a show like "Jake in Progress" but I'll have to give it a shot.
Just earlier today I was thinking about how some people in the Whedonverse are very active online (Joss, Nathan, Adam, Jewel, Tim come to mind) while others aren't. Nice to see Jane is stepping up her online presence.
I've seen stuff from Adam on Prosepro, and Jewel on her blog, but where are the other BDH's active? I'd enjoy hearing more from them.
RSS feed has been added.
Nathan used to post to the Universal board, and Joss, well, there is some blog he posts too - can't quite remember the name of it offhand. He loses his password to it fairly regularly and never remembers that he is supposed to provide a link.
RSS feed has been added.


Though looking at the site, Polgara indicates that it'll be up "tomorrow" (I'm not sure if that was posted yesterday or today though). Is there a link I'm missing?

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