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January 18 2006

Kristy Swanson, Original Buffy, on Ice. Ms. Swanson is on Skating With Celebrities on Fox tonight.

She's paired with skater Lloyd Eisler. Anyone else see the irony that Buffy's favorite pastime is skating?


Don't tease me like that. For a moment, I thought there was gonna be an actual "Buffy on Ice"

Can you imagine the Master skate-fighting with Buffy?

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Hmm, I've amended the title in response to NickSeng's point - it was a tad misleading. And changed the link to Ms. Swanson's profile.

Of course the not-original Buffy, SMG, herself was (is?) a skater and skate-fan too. Pattern? Discuss.
Joss likes blonde ice skaters?
Lol, sorry, I didn't mean to dash an skating fantasies with the title. Though now that you mention it, it would be an interesting show. Oh man, the possibilities :D
I so wanted to see a Llama quadruple-toe double lutz. Wait. Wrong movie.
And need we mention Michelle Trachtenberg's big Disney film? Yes, SoddingNancyTribe, a big damn pattern. ;-)
I'm surprised this hasn't been posted before.
This is clearly a knock off of "Dancing With the Stars", and I doubt it's going to get much buzz. I' be more interested in a celebrity hockey game. At least there would be a chance David Boreanaz would be there.
Personally I think she did a really good job. I think she and Lloyd Eisler deserved at least top three - definitely not dead last. Most of the judges criticisms were based on it not being a typical fast Lloyd Eisler routine, not on how good the routine really was for a beginner.
We had that on in the background, and you have no idea how quick I jumped up to check the tv when I heard "from Buffy the Vampire Slayer", and then hubby goes, "Calm down, it's just Kristy Swanson." What a total bummer...
Big damn pattern indeed. We all know about Mr Whedon’s foot fetish. Stands to reason that all those tight-laced ankle-high boots with the shiny edges are setting his heart aflutter.
Julie Benz also was a skater, and she auditioned for the role of Buffy, yes?

Kristy Swanson, from the rehearsal footage they showed, is either the fastest learner there is, or not a beginner. Her one-foot spin showed some previous experience, IMO. I do think Kristy & Lloyd didn't belong in the bottom of the standings, but I think that the judges were taking into account relative experience levels when scoring, and thought they should have done more.

Skating with Celebrities actually got a 11.2/16, only narrowly losing the 9PM hour to Lost (11.5/17 - these numbers are from memory and may be slightly wrong). The American Idol lead-in and the curiousity factor probably helped a lot and I'm sure the ratings will drop when it moves to Mondays at 8PM on 1/23, but it does seem to have actually gotten buzz.

What? In my other life I run a Kurt Browning website, so I keep track of these things.

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