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January 19 2006

The Angel CD is one of Cinescape's best compilations of 2005. 'Live Fast, Die Never' (who came up with that name?) is described as "a great compilation of the show's best musical moments". And there's much praise for the composer Robert Kral as well.

While a commercial soundtrack CD of Christophe Beckís outstanding scores for TVís BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER remains unfortunately lacking

Sighs. So true.

I have to wonder about someone that put Cutthroat Island in their list.
Christophe and Robert are awesome.

The deserve all the praise they get.
I've been quite enjoying this one also (tho' I was a bit underwhelmed by 'I'm Game' until I heard it in episode context). Similar to the Buffy score in feel but with suitably darker undertones and a few vocal tracks as a bonus. The liner notes also share a few insights.

BTW, i'm sure most have seen this already but you can download (presumably legally tho' i'll gladly edit this post if i'm wrong) some of the Beck score for Buffy from here and this site has some of the Buffy Season 7 score which was partly composed by Robert Duncan (including the 'Chosen' theme, one of my favourite pieces of TV scoring ever).
Simon: "Live Fast, Die Never," was a tagline 20th Century Fox came up with.

I love the soundtrack (though I hate the lame extended theme song).
I actually really like the extended theme song. I think it's one of those things you either love or hate, there's no middle ground. I think it's great, although it would have been nice to have the normal theme song on the CD somewhere. Like if they put it as the first track and bumped the extended version nearer the end of the CD.

But I was really impressed with the CD and all the score music, I also really enjoyed the VAST and Kim Richey songs, and "LA Song". I think the balance between the score, a few popular songs and the karaoke songs from the show was perfect. I am really pleased with the Buffy soundtracks, the Once More With Feeling one in particular, but a full score CD would be perfect.
I think there's something very retro... something or other about the tagline in a good way. While the "live fast die never" from the fifth season is kinda cheesy sounding, nevertheless it's fitting...

It's an interesting smattering of tracks, but I was really disappointed when it turns out that the one other Cordy/Darla track from season four wasn't on the CD. It had a really sinister edge to it even though it was pretty much just a piano but I have no idea how to look it up.

As for score, I'm still ridiculously glad that for some baffling reason the representation for one of the Buffy composers decided to send me a sample of his works (which included a couple of tracks from Angel).
I only have a 3-CD changer, so I have to rotate among "Serenity", "Firefly", "BtVS: Radio Sunnydale" (UK version), "BtVS: The Album", "Angel: Live Fast, Die Never", and OMWF :) I would, however, love to have an album with some of Christophe Beck's "Buffy" scores on it. (I do occasionally put on some other music, but not for long!)
Thanks, Saje, for the links to Robert Duncan's site. I'm listening to the "Chosen" theme as I type this. It is "one of my favourite pieces of TV scoring ever" as well!

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