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January 19 2006

(SPOILER) Spike: Old Wounds & Spike vs Dracula Comic Previews. Newsarama offers up a preview description along with a few sample pages from both of IDW's Spike related comic book projects.

It's not written by Joss so it's canon but the art still looks pretty good. There is some story in the artwork though which is why I've marked it spoilers.

I love having more Spike and will definitly be ordering both of these. The graphics & story lines look good, but when are we going to get post NFA stories? I want to know what's happening with Spike in the present. So, please, JW, allow us some updated comics or make us a Spike movie.
I bought and read Spike: Old Times and thought it was a pretty decent effort; so maybe i'll pick one or both of these up.

Does anyone know if IDW have the comic book rights (is there such a thing?) to the characters of Spike and Angel in regards to the upcoming canon Buffy comic series by Dark Horse which Joss is writing.
Thanks for the link, war_machine. I've never had interest-one in comics, but the more time I spend in the company of those who do, and checking out previews like this, the more I think I might give them a go. There are countless things left to discover about Spike's past. And for that matter, about many of our favorite characters and storylines. If this is the place those stories are being told from now on, then I better get me arse on board.
Well you can't just make a comic book using someone else's IP so you'd have to assume that they have some kind of contract with whoever in order to make these comic books without getting sued. I don't know if it's an exclusive or not though. IDW is relatively new on the comic book world, so I kind of doubt they do.

barest_smidgen, glad I can open you up to the world of comic books. In all honesty I found the first Angel miniseries was very blah. It as still good, just not up to the standard of the television show, and definitely no where near as good as some other comics I read. That being said if you are open to the new medium there are many very good stories being told in comic books these days (some of which have nothing ot do with super heros) if you'd care for some recomendations.
Does anyone know the distribution on these? Ever since last year my dad's comic book guy (yes, he has a guy) has been looking for me and has never gotten a single copy of any Spike book.
I really love these Spike comics!!!!! But I agree I would love to see some post NFA stories. I don't mind the flashback stories, but I really want to move forward and see what the future holds for our favorite characters.

The problem is that if Joss never makes the Spike movie or allows the comics to proceed into the future, then we will never know what happened to Spike and the gang. I know the IDW mini series for Angel Old Friends is supposed to be canon, or at least OK by Joss...but I thought that IDW is not doing any more Angel comics? If so...does that mean they aren't doing any more Spike ones either?

Maybe if Joss does the new Buffy comics he will be able to use Spike in them. Sorry...but I just can't seem to get interested in a Buffyverse without Spike.

I wonder if Joss has ever considered an animated movie for the Buffy/Angelverse? Would that be more expensive to do ? I would go see an adult animated movie...but of course I would prefer to see Spike and all these characters in the flesh.....
I think it was Jeff Mariotte (?) who said *he* wasn't doing any more Ats comics, not that there wouldn't be any more. At least I hope there will be more. *whimpers*

These Spike ones look good. Can't wait until they are out.

Miss Edith Any comic book store should be able to order in a copy for you, shouldn't be a problem.
IDW is doing more Angel comics, it's Jeff Mariotte who's no longer writing them.

I've been able to order the comics online at IDW, TFAW, and one or two other places. So, if your comic book store doesn't have them, theres always the Internet.
There will be more Angel comics just not by Jeff, likewise there are more Spike minis planned for this year.

barest_smidgen - still holding those Serenity comics for you, as well as the backlog of other suggestions (our friend Neil's Sandman, also the original Crow, Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Y). Next time, perhaps ;)

war_machine - you should definitely swing by and talk comics with us! We talk about them in the Lit section since we aren't snobs ;p Agreed, on the first Angel mini. What else are you reading right now? I'm enjoying Y: the Last Man, Strangers in Paradise, Hellblazer, AXM, the relaunch of X-Factor, some others.

The Dark Horse and IDW Angel/Buffy comics' quality are definitely a direct result of who is writing them. With these sorts of things I always feel more inclined with a great writer and especially if its considered canon.
Ahhhh GREAT guys...thank you. I remember seeing the thread about Marriote and the Angel comics and I was worried there would be no more. I ordered the subscription for Old Friends and got issue #1...but haven't received any more yet. I think I read that issue 2 is out...right? Hope I get it soon.

I preordered Spike vs Dracula from Cinequest I think as well as Old I am hoping they come soon too.

I know it's not a movie but it helps to get anything with more least for me.....
Zeitgeist: I have the Serenity comics, but find some of your other suggestions intriguing. I have been looking for Watchmen, but can't find it in Spokane. Is it still in print? Could you maybe give out (Quick OT post?) a couple of URLs for Sandman and V for Vendetta, etc.? Thanks.
cmbackshane you should be able to order those comic books you mention at
The Spike vs Dracula looks pretty decent. I might just have to read Old Wounds in the comic store, because the Black Dahlia is of interest to me, but I can't abide giving money for that art. Again.
kathylovesspike - Old Friends 2 is out as of 1 week ago if I'm not mistaken, just read it the other day.

cmbackshane - if you want info about them before buying, try Sandman link 1, Sandman link 2, V for Vendetta, Watchmen, Y, and S.I.P.. Dig... ;)
Ok. Thanks, Zeitgeist. I just hope my copy gets here soon...

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zeitgeist I read lots. I like most of Vaughan's work, Y: The Last Man, Runaways, Ex Machina. I'm also quite fond of Robert Kirkman's books The Walking Dead and Invincible. (Imagine my glee when Ultimate X-Men goes from the hands of Vaughan to Kirkman.)

I also got to have some Bendis, so I read Ultimate Spiderman, The Pulse, and Powers. My god do I love Powers. The letters section alone is worth the purchase.

Those are the main ones, but by no means the only ones.
Yeah, I had been reading Pulse at the start (read all of the run when it was still called Alias). Brian K. is awesome and I need to go pick up Ex Machina: the First Hundred Days. Bendis' dialogue is so fun it makes me giddy; I actually read it aloud :) Need to go back and read Powers from the beginning.

On a side note, though I am thrilled to have Ghost Rider back, could Garth Ennis (who I actually do enjoy a lot) write a new plot, please? This is his third or so run through angels and demons and an evil fat CEO and his mousey assistant, etc. I whinged about that over on as well, I believe :P

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Zeitgeist (and Simon) thank you. Obvioulsy a rooky here, but trying to learn.
Can anyone tell me where I can pre-order the Spike comics? I am having no luck whatsoever. How can something that hasn't even come out yet be out of stock?


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