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January 20 2006

New message from James Marsters. He's looking forward to 2006 but has yet to schedule any US concerts or conventions because of work.

Hmmm... maybe I am reading a little too much between the lines here, but is it possible he has not scheduled any concerts because he is waiting for Joss to get back to him with final details on the upcoming Buffyverse tv series?

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Yes, you are, but no one here is likely to hold that against you :)
Hmm, he's already wrapping up work on "Smallville"? I guess his character won't be involved in the season finale then.
James should post here. So should they all. They would dig us, so much.
"James should post here." I'm with you all the way on this, Willowy. Unfortunately, most of the things I've read that James says about the internet all have to do with him *not* going online. But we can all dream. And I do. I seriously do. At least when it comes to James.

Sooo--what did he mean when he said, "I have to be in shape for pilot season"??? I can think of several ways to parse that, but I'd like some input from the black--those whose insight (and taste!) I trust more than any other(s).
Just means he has to be in shape to have the best shot at getting a role in a new show. Pilot season being when all the new pilots are filmed.
Yes, let's hear more about the working out. Pictures would be more convincing, James... :~P
Rogue Slayer- I would be good :)
zeitgeist, yes, pilot season is when the new pilots are filmed, but, what, nudie pilots to be in shape for? ;-p More dreaming on my part! Really really only joking. And dreaming. And salivating. And, yes, I agree, Rogue Slayer, pictures *would* be more convincing. And well received. More dreaming. And salivating. Enough! I'm going to bed now. Without James. Damn!
No, but to quote Galaxy Quest - "Oh, I see you managed to get your shirt off again!"
zeitgeist, i loved that movie--especially Alan Rickman's character! And the quote is spang on re being "in shape for pilot season." And I really do get all you've been saying here. I'm just being silly. And wistful.

It's nice to know someone is still up. Being out here in the middle of the Pacific, I feel like everyone has already signed off for the night before I even get logged in. Anyway, thanks for the feedback (and patience!).
I couldn't imagine why James would be embarrased coming online ;)

David Newman did the score for Galaxy Quest, I believe.

On a downer, if James is preparing for pilot season, it would suggest there won't be any Spikeverse stuff this year.
Oh, but, Gossi, maybe he just wants to BE prepared. So it wouldn't definitively rule out any Spikeverse stuff. One can but hope. . . . And I can't imagine why he would be embarrassed coming online, either ;-p
With all due respect to Gossi, i think we should all have learned by now that when it comes to television absolutely nothing is certain. Using a relatively vague comment made in January to suggest that there won't be any Spike project materialising over the next year is a little too speculative for my liking and i don't really see any reason to make that assumption.

It is just as likely to imagine that there will be a Spike movie this year but James also would like to try get himself some regular work outside of that. Truthfully, either alternative is total speculation but if we are going to spend time guessing then i'd rather go with the positive option. Certainly until we know something that forces us to accept the negative.
I would imgagine that every tv actor in the United States is probably preparing for the pilot season. It's good to keep your oar in even though regular work might be round the corner.
James has managed to fit films around series commitments in the past so I see no reason why he should not do so again. And as to not going on line, he is quoted as saying that he stays away from the internet because it messes with his head. He likes to stay as grounded and * normal* as possible .. hang on I'll go find the quote * dashes off*

* dashes back*

Thank heavens for Google where a search for "James, internet, go clean your toilet" led me stright to these quotes on IMDB

"I don't know much about the internet, I'm afraid."

"I don't have a computer - I don't like to get into it that much 'cause is can screw with your head a little."

"I have not, just because -- see this brings up a very interesting thing, I don't have a computer, because it so -- it's like bourbon, going to a fan site you know, it makes you feel so puffed up about yourself and so cool, and I promised myself when Joss asked me to come on the show as a regular, I hung up the phone after screaming like an idiot and then like I didn't even pretend to be cool, I sat down and I was like 'okay, I'm gonna be getting a lot of money, I'm gonna be getting a lot of fame, but the most important thing is if I can keep from becoming an asshole'."

"What I noticed was that when I go on the Internet, or used to, my head would swell. Why am I an actor? God knows but some of it has got to be the need for acceptance and stuff, right? So I'm just drawn to that stuff like honey and at some point I just had to say, 'James, get off the 'Net, go back, clean your toilet.' Now I find I'm like a mentor to the guys in the band because they're tasting it now too. And I'm like, 'Charlie, get off the Internet. Get off your fan site now. You're losing it.' And he's like, 'Yeah, boss, right.'"
On a downer, if James is preparing for pilot season, it would suggest there won't be any Spikeverse stuff this year.

I would think that even if there were a two-hour Spike movie in the works that James and any of the other actors who might appear in such a movie, would still be auditioning for pilot season. It's not the sort of thing where he can only do a new tv show or the movie - he can do both.
Two words: Spike. Pilot.

Ok, unrealistic yes, but a girl can dream. And look at pictures while she dreams....
Go on, Rogue Slayer, feed my delusions. If only...
But he wouldn't be able to fly only at night, would he? Surely an airlines would want him to do day flights as well.
What? That wasn't what you meant? ;-)
Two words: Spike. Pilot.

Oh gado-gado.
Have to sit down. Breath slowly.

But even if the stars align, would Joss be willing to go back to television now, just when the big career in movies is coming through.

Joss if you're reading - just think of the hundreds of thousands of women you could make happy, at one stroke. How's that for the ultimate thrill?

Oh, and for the Spike project (movie, pilot, talking pencils whatever) I have 3 words:
Robin Wood, Robin Wood, Robin Wood.

Okay, that's two words, repeated three times, but you get my drift.
Oh Rogue Slayer how you tease! ;) If only, if only... I'd still like to see a Spike/Andrew combo, but Woodsie would be aces too. (BTW -- I don't mean Spandew or Spwood! Just the two of them in a movie/show together).
I think his comment meant only that he wants to be at peak physical condition when he begins auditioning for next season's pilots.

But I hope his comments meant that the pilot he's been shopping around was purchased by a network & he was just kidding about the whole gym thing since we all know his physique is already perfect :)
Looking for work is a constant for an actor. The only reason I could imagine that he would not prepare for pilot season is if he had signed contracts for enough reliable work to keep him working constantly through the following year. Hmm, strike that. He would probably prepare for pilot season even then.
I really hope that he is going to do something in the buffyverse, who's up for chanting?

There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no pl--. Oh, wait. Wrong chant. But seriously: whatever works. Or even has a remotely remote possibility of doing so.

Soooo, altogether now: Ommmmmmmmmmmmmm.


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