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January 20 2006

Julie Benz in cast of Showtime crime drama 'Dexter'. Twelve episodes have been ordered and it's expected to premiere by the end of 2006.

This show sounds very good, kind of like Profit/The Inside?? Julie Benz is a very good actress, and can't wait to see this show. I will check it out for sure.
Awesome! Two of my favorite actors from two of my favorite series ever in the same show!! Michael C. Hall from Six Feet Under AND Julie Benz. It can't get better than that!
This show sounds soooo good. I had planned on watching it.
I hope the writing is better than in the book. Cause it was painfull to read because of the flow.
Very much looking forward to this one.
The description sounds awesome, but I'm sad to hear that RavenU says the book is bad. Well, maybe the TV writers will do a better job?

Mom! Can we get Showtime? ;-)
This is wonderful news! I so miss Julie. More please.

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