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January 22 2006

"Jake in Progress" no longer. Jane Espenson blogs about losing another job to a network swinging the axe.

Jane writes:
Hey, remember Buffy's mom? She had that brain tumor and she got really sick. But then she turned a corner and she got better, stronger, healthier every week. And then she dropped dead and it felt like the floor fell out from under your feet. That's what happened to Jake in Progress this week. Every day, it seemed more and more likely that we were going to film the entire order, to shoot all 13 episodes. We showed up for work on Thursday, expecting to actually spend a late night re-writing episode ten. Then, not so much. Jake was gone.

Hopefully she picks up something for next year or her own sitcom idea gets picked up.

Jane's blog (for those two of you who haven't added it to your Favorites List yet) what's the word I'm looking for here...grains of sand...pebbles...oh yes, it ROCKS!
And it had just started airing in Sweden. Typical...
I just got to go here for the first time. I never got to it when the site was linked the first time. What is an XML feed? I read all the comments about how the site should have one, and now it does, but...what does it do? When I click on it I just see her text. Is that more useful in some way?

Nice site, btw. I hope she keeps it going. I enjoyed reading her thoughts and bookmarked it for the future.
Wikipedia has an explanation of RSS/XML feeds here. Simply, an RSS feed means you can read blogs through a blog-reading program or news aggregator. Every time the blog is updated the news aggregator shows you. I use Bloglines, but there are heaps of different RSS readers available. (This saves time searching through your regular blog reads by actually going to the sites to see if they've been updated.)
I think I need to stop watching shows in order for them not to get cancelled.
Huh, while the show doesn't seem like it'd appeal to me, I'm bummed that it went off the air since in just the last post I saw, she was just so hopeful about how only Emily's Reasons Why Not got canned. (One episode in. Wow, is that a record?)
(One episode in. Wow, is that a record?)

Soon they'll be cancelling shows before they even make them! Oh, wait, that's what making pilots is all about.
What's really weird about Jake in Progress that it was a mid-season replacement last year and did so so in the ratings. Everyone thought it'd be cancelled but then it was renewed, only to die a death after the first episode of its 2nd season aired. I guess it's fairly similar to what happened with Tru Calling only that got canned before any of it's second season aired. Hopefully, Jane will find a more long term job next time around.
The Fox execs came to my house the other day and asked if I was thinking about a career in TV as a showrunner. I said "Well..." and they replied "Don't even consider it" and slammed the door in my face.
Mort............LMAO. Thanks for the laugh. It's 2am in New York, think I woke people up.
One episode in. Wow, is that a record?

Actually, there are a few shows that have been canceled during their first airing; Turn-On is an example. It premiered in 1969, went to commercial, and never came back.

Eventually we'll find someone that'll treat our Jane right.
That blog is really delightful. I hope she finds satisfying, long-term work again soon!

She also has an entry on January 19 that's a nice conclusion to the fat/racist jokes and what makes comedy funny debate we had here a couple of weeks ao.
The Fox execs came to my house the other day and asked if I was thinking about a career in TV as a showrunner. I said "Well..." and they replied "Don't even consider it" and slammed the door in my face.

This post should be archived somewhere.
janeway216 - Thanks for the Turn-on entry but I couldn't help noticing in that entry, the reference to "the TV critic Harlan Ellison" - oh how are the mighty fallen! I can't see him happy with that description!!!
catalyst, wikipedia is written by everyone. If you don't think a description is accurate you can actually change it. That's in fact what they are hoping will happen.

I never saw the show but my parents loved it. Last season wh en they did the four episodes in a row or something or other they couldn't get enough of it.
I was just thinking last night when watching Tru Calling dvds, I wonder when that show Jane's working on will get cancelled...
*sighs* Itīs just too bad! Here is hoping Jane has more luck with the next show.
How ironic. Once Jane's blog was launched, I had planned to start tuning in, even though Stamos is -- to put it oh so mildly -- not a favorite of mine.

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