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January 23 2006

2 year-old called to jury duty- but a possible Whedon tie? The all-too-familiar story of government computer mistakes, but the name of the girl in question makes one think her parents might be Serenity fans.

Even if it's coincidental, it's cute.

I'm guessing that Reynolds was a coincidence, but Kaylee may not have been. Both together, however.... its like fate.
Kaylee and Mal shippers? hmmm
Kaylee and Mal shippers are so crayzee.
She is 2 years old, it's not unreasonable that her parents could have been fans.
I was looking for something more blatent, but I'll take it. It's not like I wouldnt marry a guy with the name Parker and then name my daughter Mary-Jane, or something.

I went to a Star Wars convention once, and there was this toddler wandering off, and their parents kept yelling "HAYDEN!!" So cute.

I love fans.
Zora the explorer?
heh heh
Awwww, Kaylee Reynolds. That's awesome... LMAO
I also noticed Zora the Explorer, heh. Talk about mistakes!
Zora the explorer?
heh heh

Tells you something about the accuracy of anything else in print, no?

If Kaylee's parents aren't Browncoats, she's certainly likely to encounter her share at some point.
I saw that in the Richmond paper. I'm glad I'm not the only one that saw "Kaylee Reynolds, age 2" and thought, "Gotta be fans"
I love seeing that sort of thing. Makes you wonder doesn't it?
That is cool.

I wonder... hm... that does seem to be suspiciously browncoat-ish. If it was only one name, then it wouldn't matter, but both Kaylee AND Reynolds...

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