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January 23 2006

Win Kaylee's wrench from Serenity (Firefly Talk contest). Other prizes include custom Firefly art, a Jayne hat, a collection of seven signed Flanvention cards, a US theater poster, and a signed BDH group photo.

Word. Seems like good enough motivation to write again.

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Ooh, shiney. The question is 'can I get through the rest of the season and the movie and churn out an article by feb 10th?'

Regardless, I'll be passing this on to a friend who would probably be great at it, and would display a Kaylee wrench where I can adore it.
I'm co-owner of Boosters and have no idea what Booster Events Flanvention cards are. I'm assuming perhaps someone had something signed while at the Flan, but anyway- regarding that particular prize- big question mark on my part.
Not to mention the group photo which was also taken at the Flanvention, is a promotional shot. And is not to be used without the permission of BE or the photographer (me).
But if it is a photo they bought, then can't they give it away without anyone else's permission? Just a thought.
The Group shot on the site is not for sale, it is strictly for promotional purposes only. The other photos will be part of a photo cd, that people can use for their personal use, if they were using it for this they would still have to obtain the rights from BE to do it though. The promoter has very specified contracts on what can and cannot be done with photos taken by people in an offical capasity for the event. However, the CD is not out yet (do to technical difficulties), so those photos were taken directly from BE's website, without the knowledge or permission of BE. To keep the copyright valid and enforcible, BE must not allow anyone to post without viable permission (beyond that of the actual photographer), in order to be within the guidlines of the contract they have with the guests and copyright law.
Hi guys, this is Eric from Firefly Talk. I removed those photos, they were my best guesses until I recieved the actual photos in mail this week (which I assumed will be looking just like those depicted). Sorry, didn't realize you wouldn't want the images being used, I thought you would actually LIKE the publicity. My bad. As to what "Booster Events" cards are, I've asked the donor, haven't had a reply yet. But she mailed them to me yesterday so I'll let you know soon.

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Eric, if you want to use the photos until you get the ones they are sending then please ask the promoter and I'm sure they will be more than happy to say yes to there temp use.

As long as you credit or acknowledge them on the site as such.

It's just that there are certain people who are very sensative on the subject of how their photos are used. So it requires BE to be a bit more vigilant at protecting those rights.

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Thanks RavenU, but it's not really that big of a deal, I'll just not use photos. They weren't the point of the page, and I have way too much to do on the podcast to track down permissions and keep changing the pages. But thanks for the suggestion! And I certainly understand about needing to protect the rights, that just didn't cross my mind when I was putting the page together.

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OK, for the co-owner of Boosters, above, who was wondering what the "Booster Events cards" are, they came in the mail today...they are the size of a driver's license, in the bottom right corner say "Booster Entertainment", in the upper right they say "Photo Op" and then the name of the BDH, and in the upper right corner a smallish square picture of the BDH. They are laminated.

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