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January 23 2006

Amazon announces German DVD release for Serenity. Not that release dates on are gospel, but it's supposed to be March 2. No cover art yet.

Excellent birthday present... now if only I spoke as much German as I wish I did.
There's one way to learn...
Yay! That's not too bad, though I was hoping that our release date would be the same as the British one.
Well, it's only 5 weeks to go, so I won't complain.
war_machine, the DVD also contains the original sound, so ... what Gossi says. :-)

No news about this on the official UIP site yet, but the biggies in Germany are always a bit slow when it comes to making the best of their web sites.
Harridan, the movie opened here a month and a half later than in the UK, so the release date is pretty much what was to be expected. Right in time for my brother's birthday, too. :-)

ETA: Hi, there. Long time no see.

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While we're at it, does anyone know about the Scandinavian DVD release? I'm looking forward to getting the DVD with finnish subs, to ease the converting outside the main democraphic.

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