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January 23 2006

Clip of Tony Head in Hotel Babylon. Tony Head will be appearing on UK television this Thursday in Hotel Babylon and a clip from this episode is online featuring our Tony!

Looks quite amusing, only a small amount of Tony in this clip but it would seem that he will be quite a feature in the episode, hopefully anyway! I think his character writes songs too, so maybe some singing will be in order?

I haven't seen Hotel Babylon, is it any good?
Umm... I saw it last week to introduce myself ready for tony's episode, it was quite good, in a deliberatly over the top kind of way. There was a completely unrealistic love story in it though that seemed to be thrown in just for good measure. But hey, Tony!
That clip is "for UK users only". Does anyone have a mirror/link that works for everyone? Thanks.
Strange, it worked Ok here in Australia.

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