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January 23 2006

Will Doctor Who make a mark in the U.S. with sci-fi and genre fans now that Buffy, Angel, and Firefly are gone? Matt Roush gives his opinion. The second to last question on the page.

Cool to see some hype for the launch of the new Who in the US. Excited for S2 and Torchwood to start as well. Enjoyed the first series quite a bit, and Tennant's turn in the Christmas Invasion makes me even more eager to see more.
Yeah, it's great to see it get mentioned (tho' Doctor Who is 'space fantasy' in the same way that CSI is 'Las Vegas fantasy') and i've also got high hopes for S2 after Tennant's performance in the special (just the right mix of the old and new to convey the idea of regeneration and he felt like he had slightly more consistency to his character than the 9th Doctor).

I'm slightly worried tho' (for you lot over the pond) that the people who wanted to see it have already done so thanks to the bittorrent fairy and that the ratings could suffer as a result which presumably might affect the chances of S2 - and Torchwood - being bought (tho', trying to avoid spoilers, I wonder about Torchwood being shown anyway given the central character - would that fly as a 'non-niche' show in the US ?).
Good questions, Saje. I think that if the quality is there (and I suspect it will be) that Torchwood could very well find its audience. It will already be a niche show, being on Sci-Fi, though, so not much hoe of the kinds of numbers RTD and friends pulled in for Auntie Beeb... Apparently I'm answering in reverse order :) I've already seen it via torrents but will make sure that it is TiVo'd and all that, anything that will cause TPTB to notice that it is wanted.
Yay Dr. Who! I'm interested in seeing more shows from the UK. Boo the idea that there is only room for one successful sci-fi show at a time ("will Dr. Who succeed now that Buffy/Angel/Firefly are gone?"). that Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Star Trek and Star Wars are gone...

Me? When I found out that Sci-Fi was going to be showing the first season of the New Dr Who, I did Numfar's Dance of Joy aka The Happy Dance. Only with a Soul Train twist. ;)
(By the way, I finally just saw those episodes of Angel. They made me laugh and laugh. Joss got his Chorus Line on and worked it!)
Anyway...Yaaaaay, Dr Who!!!
I got to see them and I thought it was a great return for Dr. Who. Can't wait to see them again. YEAH.

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