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January 23 2006

"Serenity [comic book] did better than we imagined". Dark Horse's Scott Allie comments on the success of the Serenity comic book mini-series.

And the TPB of the mini-series is actually out this week according to Diamond's Shipping List.

'Course, the fact that each issue had 3 collectible covers (3 issues x 3 covers magically adds up to the 9 main cast members of Firefly for those numerology folks out there - Joss knew what he was doing) didn't hurt sales.

I'll be picking up the TPB from my local comic shop when they get it in for me. Anyone else? Should be fun. Looking forward to re-reading the story without breaking out my comics from their protective boarded baggies.

And of course, yay for more Serenity comics apparently on the way. Can't wait to see what is being cooked up.
For those in the SF Bay Area, they'll be able to pick up the TPB at the Browncoat Table at WonderCon Feb. 10th - 12th.
(I know, I'm shameless. Blame my master for setting the example)
You can still try to win some Serenity comics at too.
This is great news! I'd love to see a monthly Serenity comic book. I'm old-school and enjoy consistent monthly publication to this new sporadic mini-series trend.

Of course, I'll take what I can get, tho! :)
Yep, it rocked. More please.

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