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January 23 2006

Whedonesque takes one nomination in 2006 Bloggies. "Joss the Way We Like It" vies for Best Tagline.

The field: "I Make Out With Geeks"
Billmon's Whisky Bar "Free Thinking in a Dirty Glass" "More Love than a Bus Full of Hippies"
Whedonesque "Joss the Way We Like It"
Ample Sanity "Life is Short, Make Fun of It"

The winner will receive a specially-designed Artistamp

Vote now!

Done. And, incidentally, yay!
A shame we didn't place in "Best Community." :( This is one of the BEST communities on the web(IMHO). But yea us for placing at all!!!
Yes, this community is quite wonderful. Go us!!
While this place is among the most civilised communities I've found on the net, as I read it, the "Best community" category seemed to refer to Blogs where ANYONE was allowed to post--that being the definition of community. I'm not even sure if Whedonesque would fit into that category, assuming I'm reading it correctly. If there were truly a "politest community" category, then the task of finding three or four other good nominees on the Internet would make Diogenes' quest look like finding one's own feet.
While this place is among the most civilised communities I've found on the net, as I read it, the "Best community" category seemed to refer to Blogs where ANYONE was allowed to post--that being the definition of community

Anyone who registers can post to Whedonesque - though registration isn't always open. The other nominated blogs in the "Best Community" category all require log-ons, except for "Post Secret" - which seems to defy the criteria because you have to submit to it and wait for the postcard to be posted by the webmaster.
[T]he "Best community" category seemed to refer to Blogs where ANYONE was allowed to post--that being the definition of community

Interestingly, this same point was raised in the original thread about the Bloggies. And Caroline responded to it.

I agree with her that a place where anyone - in passing - can post is much less of a community than a place that people invest in and feel some affiliation with. Are the chat boards on, for example, a "community"? I would say not. ('Course, the awards can define "community" however they wish, even if it makes little sense).
Some fantastic blogs there -- how wonderful to be counted among such illustrious company!

AFA taglines go, some may reach more for the funny, but ours is subtle, kinda clever, succinct, and perfectly captures the essence of what brings us all together. So pull them fancy levers, ya'll (or, you know, punch them there radio buttons), and let's bring home a purty lil' Bloggie for our mantle! (We do have one of those in here somewhere, right?)
I'm disappointed that's all we got nominated for. I suppose that's the downside of a niche subject.
Keith G, Slashdot doesn't require a login--while they now use CAPTCHAs and force a preview, in addition to the traditional lower pre-moderation starting point, Slashdot does, indeed, still allow "Anonymous Coward" postings.
With the sheer number of blogs out there, I'm very pleased we got nominated for at least one. And I think "Joss the way we like it" has the best ring in this selection of taglines.
I've done mail art and made artistamps. Great fun!
I wonder what would Joss's artistamp would look like?
The hero shot of River in the doorway with the bloody axes?
A group shot of the main characters in Buffy? Angel? Firefly?
The overhead shot of River in the box?
A portrait of his family?
Any ideas?

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Did you post this in the wrong topic, AmazonGirl? I'm not seeing the connection with this thread.
I'm glad you noticed that too, Caroline. Thought i was having a brainfreeze moment for a second there and just not seeing the connection. :)
An artstamp is the prize, should we win the award. :)
Aaaah! Now that makes more sense! Cheers, Sonyajeb! ;)
Aha! Thanks for that, sonyajeb. (It's official, Celebrity Big Brother has turned me blind.)
I'd have to invent a category for all of the effects Whedonesque has had on my life, but I would've settled for best community. It truly is. Full stop.
Congratulations, one and all. And, when we win, don't forget to thank our agent, and Jesus Christ.
Whedonesque deserved more than just the "Best Tagline" nod. The basic rules regarding what can be posted and how responses should be civil keep this community thriving... not to mention the fact that the administrator is very active and runs a tight ship. And how many blog communities have a Mac dashboard wigget? That should say something, no? Anyway, my point is Whedonesque was definitely robbed of the Best Community nomination.

Also, I think a fairly decent argument could be made (by someone more articulate than me) that Whedonesque deserves a nomination in the "Best Entertainment Blog" category.

I don't usually post. I'm too much of a spaz to come up with stuff as groovy and insightful as most people here. However, I visit the site everyday and really value the community. Thanks to you all.

[ edited by RevLina on 2006-01-24 20:27 ]
Ok, that page of nominations is officially evil. I just wasted 2 hours that I should have been working (and I have a lot to do!) reading through some of the nominated blogs - the post secrets, waiter one, and fugly blog taking most of my time. At that point I decided I couldn't look through the rest of the nominations at all.
Congrats to Whedonesque for the tagline nom, but I agree - it should have gotten best community.
I found this yesterday and wanted to post it, but cannot seem to access the posting form. Thanks, Keith G., for posting it and alerting everyone to go vote.

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