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January 23 2006

International trailer for 'Date Movie' starring Alyson Hannigan. It comes to theatres on February 17th.

It's pretty much more of the same but I must say that ultimately I prefer this one. I especially like the "Extreme Bachelor" segment. Stupid reality shows.
....stupid but aside from the animatronic animals and gross out jokes I'm fine with it. (...Does that leave much behind?) I kinda like the "why is she in slow-motion?" joke but Hong Kong romantic comedies have beat it into the ground. I wanted to be one of the first in the US! -_-;

It's weird that Alyson Hannigan aside from the fat suit is pretty much playing the straight role. I thought with the Scary Movie franchise and the others that the lead is normally supposed to be ridiculously weird and that's played for laughs.
Hey, I saw a TV commercial for this movie tonight on Comedy Central. Opening day in the U.S. must be soon!
ok that looks so over-the-top vulgar that regardless of all the (much justified) hand-wringing and soul-searching about the "fat jokes), I will probably go see it.
I love the fact that we totally tore apart the trailer the last time this was posted, but that "Extreme Bachelor" segment sold me on this, because it points to the extreme misogynism of those reality shows...and maybe "date movies" in general....I hope.

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