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"Gonna take a while for the stink of this to pass."
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January 24 2006

Joss still talking about doing Spike movie says Amy Acker. And she tells E! Online's Kristin that she'd love to be a part of it "If it's Joss, of course I'll do whatever. I'll, like, be the costume designer! I don't care!".

Nice little interview. We know this Spike movie is definitely being thrown about, and they definitely have a costume designer signed on! ;) Although I have to admit I think I'd rather see Amy in front of the camera.
Dang. Dinner with Joss and discussion of a possible opportunity to don Illyria's* skin-tight spandex and freaky ice-blue lenses, opposite our favorite bottle-blond vampire hottie? Some girls have all the fun!

*(I'm assuming we wouldn't get Fred 2.0 right out of the gate, but AA in her human guise would definitely also be a welcome sight ... especially if it somehow precipitated a Wesley sighting....)
I'm not terribly thrilled about this. Spike movie, great. Amy Acker, great. But my wife, who's a costume designer and would love to work with Joss doesn't like having the extra competition! =)
James is tied up in Smallville? He said himself last week on his website that he was just wrapping up on Smallville.

Excuses, excuses...
Maybe they have him literally tied up somewhere on set
(possibly in the barn) and won't release him till he signs for season 6 ;).

Oh for heaven's sake Joss please stop *talking* about it and actually get the film made. This is turning into Ripper mark 2.

Actually It would be great if you could get the Spike movie going and then why not do something about Ripper too?

We'd erect statues in the village square and write somgs about you and everything!

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I dont wanna hear any more "we're talking about it" stuff. I wanna hear greenlit!!
I love Amy's Joss-love! But did she meant she won't be in if Minear directs the thing? A spike movie would be great of cource.
Ohh... that was so cool with Amy saying "we" as in the Alias crew taking a long break - it makes it sound like she has really been slotted in as a major player in the season.
Roadrunner, i think that comment from Kristin about James being tied to Smallville is more likely an error on her part than an excuse. She may not have known that he had finished filming for the season. Besides, she doesn't need to be making any excuses on behalf of the Spike movie. It's nothing she has any control over either way.

This is more good news, as far as i'm concerned. I agree with everyone who has said that i want some actual definite news rather than more news on the talking part, but i'd rather hear about Joss talking about the movie then talking about the fact it will never happen.
Well, my hopes are officially up at this point. I tried to hold out, but all this talk is making me think this could really happen.
The news is great but I also like the inside information. Amy having dinner with Joss. Was this just a "Hey, bring your baby and come see mine!" type of dinner or was this a "So tell me Amy, if we were to include Illyria...." type of dinner?
I'm thinking Joss still has Tim in mind to flesh the movie out. As for the delay, we know Joss likes to have all his ducks in a row before making a public statement. If James Marsters is still wrap up in the Smallville shootings, that may be the cause of the delay. However, it should be a wrap for this current season in the next couple of months. So cross your fingers and hope none of the other ducks run off. 'Course, this is all speculation on my part.
SPOILER SPOILER Could be wrong. Heard it somewhere.

The news is great but I also like the inside information. Amy having dinner with Joss. Was this just a "Hey, bring your baby and come see mine!" type of dinner or was this a "So tell me Amy, if we were to include Illyria...." type of dinner?

Who knows? I'm a great believer in the lack of babies in the media, 'cause, you know.

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I think I'll get excited when he has dinner with JM.
I'll reserve my excitement for when, you know, people are actually signing contracts and it's actually going into production. Not that the five or ten 'Spike movie might maybe possibly happen soon!' posts a week aren't fun and all...

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Man, I am getting desperate. This needs to happen.

Let's stop beating around the bush, and get this thing done! Not to imply that, y'know, I am beating around the bush, 'cuz I'm not even involved, but Joss and Tim and James and more beatings of the bush!

There. You've all just been told.

[ edited by UnpluggedCrazy on 2006-01-25 17:18 ]
I, too, am getting desperate with longing after all of these tantalizing hints and media mentions. If this happens it'll be all my Christmases come at once. Please, Joss, please! The chance to see Illyria again? Spike? Anyone else from the 'verse? Oh, the joy!
3 words: bring, it, on!
"I think I'll get excited when he has dinner with JM."

I'm with exoticmushroom. I have gotten excited too many times for nothing.

Now when the topic comes up there is a little part of me that feels hopeful, but a bigger part that lets out a depressed sigh.

A poor little Spike fan's heart can only take so much you know?
What Lioness said. :)
Adorable that Amy and Joss dine together and that she loves him like we do! Would love to see Illyria again.
It'd be a shame to see a project with these characters without Alexis Denisof involved somehow. I've thought of two ways to include him without undoing Wesley's death:

1. If you make a contract with Wolfram & Hart it extends into the afterlife. Just like Holland Manners and Lilah, Wesley can make an undead appearance.

2. Perhaps Illyria absorbed Wesley's memories and/or soul when he died. Illyria can then morph into Wesley's physical form allowing Alexis to make an appearance.

[ edited by Barry Woodward on 2006-01-25 03:12 ]
I'm with Wiseblood and Barry Woodward on this one. I'd kill or die to see these characters on screen again, and that applies a HUNDREDfold for Wesley. Not sure exactly how to have him back without "undoing" his death, but flashbacks are always a possibility. Also, Illyria's schtick has a lot to do with temporal manipulation AND interdimensional travel, so perhaps she undertakes the quest to "rescue" Wesley. *shrug*

In any case, I agree with everyone saying, "Enough talk, let's see some action."
This Spike Movie saga has definitely been a roller coaster ride. When Angel was first canceled, Marsters was so sure and excited that it was going to happen. Now he almost seems out of the loop. I'm still hopeful--just looking forward to the day when we hear Marsters say that Joss called him about doing the movie.
I've been watching Buffy reruns lately and really getting sentimental. Gosh I miss Joss' characters on tv. Come on Joss. Come home!

[ edited by eddy on 2006-01-25 06:40 ]
I, too, miss them all. I've yet to get tired of watching the DVDs countless times, but I need new stuff as well. Anything. ANYTHING Jossverse. But especially Spike, preferably both movies and series! (Notice the plurals?)

Please, Joss. Please? I miss your world colliding with mine on a weekly basis, and the character of Spike is an onion that still has many layers to peel. A big screen version to bring him back with a bang, then a series to savor week by week.

Okay. Bed now. When I start alliterating that much, it's way past time. . . .
I'm gonna be content with a movie or three featuring Spike. He is, without a doubt, my favourite character from either Buffy or Angel but i'm willing to accept that James is right about the time limit thing so if we only get movies rather than a Spike series i'll be just as happy. As long as we get a little more Spike some way or another!

Now, if those Spike movies spawned the Illyria television series that i know would absolutely rock, then i'll be ecstatic! :)

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