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January 24 2006

"The socialist inside Rupert (Murdoch)". Brief mention of Buffy as the kind of show which triggers a "sense of mischief and anti-authoritarianism".

A discussion of Rupert Murdoch's business ethics briefly mentions The Simpsons and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Hope this isn't too tenuous.

Pretty good article except for the fact that it's complete BS. A dictor with some good, forward leaning policies is still a dictator.
Might he be morphing into a socialist?

No. He has no ideology other than the bottom line.
I nearly fell off my seat laughing when I saw the headline
I nearly fell off my seat vomitting when I saw the headline.
Rupert Murdoch together in one sentence with 'anti-authorian' and 'socialist' made my brain twist itself into strange contortions. Now I truly have seen everything.
hmmm... does this mean that we get to vent against Murdoch on this board... 'cause I'm all for bashing him.
Actually, I think that's enough bashing. A rather strange reference to BtVS, in my opinion.
Well, it's relevant in that Joss used to call Fox his "home." He doesn't anymore, though. And I think he's as loyal as he can be to his corporate sponsors. Not bashy, just observey.
Murdoch, ha! Watch "Outfoxed."

Um, weird how Buffy randomly pops into this article since Murdoch only owns the company and doesn't run its day to day businesses in 20th Century Fox.

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