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January 24 2006

EzyDVD now offering a chance to win one of five Serenity posters signed by Joss. I know this site has been linked to before, but I thought maybe this competition might be of use to those who have yet to order theirs. Unfortunately it's Australian residents only.

Also, I must mention that the competition applies to the regular Serenity 2-disc set as well as the tin case set.

But what if I've already pre-ordered?
the site says that exsisting orders already qualified. I pre-ordered mine also, so I had to check :D
Great to see that ezydvd still have Serenity at #1 (with tin) and #3 (without tin) in thier coming soon list!
Yay for pre-existing orders being included!
This has been here already, with the contest.
Yikes, sorry about that. I thought I had seen the link before, without the contest. I saw this thread- and it doesn't mention anything. My mistake, sorry.

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