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January 24 2006

Joss Wanted for CW Dream Lineup. Maureen Ryan suggests that CW should contact Joss.

Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune suggests that the new network CW (formed from the UPN and the WB) contact Joss to "have him whip up one of his patented, obsessively loved cult dramas."

Its a nice thought. I'm not too sure that Joss is feeling the TV vibe at the moment.

Is it bad when I hear such news and feel despair knowing that another good show (assuming it happened) would be cancelled?

I'm not bitter...honest!

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Could there be a possible home for Firefly or Buffy spinoffs here?

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Yes, I know it's not coming back, but something from Joss with "...cowboys in space..."?
Um...that would be "FIREFLY".
And my head would explode from sheer joy as well.
A good show does not automatically get cancelled. It just needs a lot of luck, faith and competence from the network. Oh, and sometimes a good show.

Personally, I'm hoping in a few years time, Joss has a spark of a new show idea. I'm actually in the camp of not touching Firefly again, as quite simply - it wouldn't be the same without the same folk on board. Firefly will go down a legend amongst it's fan base at the moment.

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"The downside: My head might explode from sheer joy."

I'll be counting the days until Joss and Veronica on Monday nights. *hopeful sigh*
All I know is that between the creation of The CW and the Disney-Pixar merger, my entertainment-obsessed noggin is about to explode.
Well, whenever it's officially 'Casa de Whedon', I'm there! Ah heck, I'm there anyway for VM and GG...
*silent squee*

Even if this is nothing more than wishful inking (or pixeling), I'm kinda loving that Maureen Ryan (apparently one of us) put that thought out there. Now it remains to be seen how truly interested the new CW will be in attracted that all-important 18-49 demo.

It's a weird new world in entertainment today -- the paradigm is shifting, there's nothing Whedon on TV, and Joss and Co. do have just a little bit of experience in that area.... Now if we can just clone Joss, all will be well (and the technology is coming, baby! ;)
*best Jiminy Cricket impression*

When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you...

*/embarassing Disney reference* But Disney = Pixar = Toy Story = Joss, and therefore I win this round of Six Degrees of Separation. Thank you.
I'm with gossi on the "don't touch Firefly" front I'm afraid. The only way I'd want to see that show come back would be if it REALLY came back... complete with Joss and Co. and the entire cast and crew intact. And even then I'd be skeptical. I think Firefly's glorious, mythic time has come and (sadly) gone.

Now if Joss wants to produce an 'Angel' follow-up series, I'm there. (Actually, I'm there regardless... if Joss builds it, we'll ALL come!)
"The downside: My head might explode from sheer joy." Now this line just cracks me up. But it's true. Team up a Joss show and Veronica Mars on the same night and my head would also be in mortal danger.
Not that it will happen outside my puffy mental world with pink clouds and where good show actually are the ones that stays on TV. I like that world, I get free cable there...
They are suggesting that for MONDAY?!?!?! BAD BAD BAD IDEA. Especially when football starts. No thank you. Great idea but not for a Monday show.

It will get MURDERED in the ratings. Mondays are hard enough.

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Actually, this is the first year that Monday Night Football is moving to ESPN, so the ratings wouldn't be nearly as high for football on Monday nights as it once was.

Plus, the game doesn't start until 9:00. Which would leave the 8:00 slot wide-open for some Joss.

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Only at 9 on that other coast, bstrassburg...
Touche Tamara touche.
I want Spike the Vampire on Mondays at 8:00 PM!

End rant:
I don't care if it is the original crew of Firefly or a new crew with new stories. As for Monday nights being a bad time slot, not everyone watches football. There is still a large viewership that they can pull.

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I'll take a spin off of a world Joss has created or something completely new. I don't care! Just gemme my Joss! Ahh, pairing with VM my squeal would become very, very, high.
argg, i wish we could get an update from Joss on anything! I don't think I can go on another year without Joss stuff, and I don't count comic books. In 2006 there will be more Joss! I can feel it.
I'm starving for new Joss material. One movie every few years just isn't good enough.
Did y'all see Jane Espenson's latest blog entry about this whole WB/UPN/CW thing? Hilarious. Ear-nfernos!
ON MONDAY? JOSS and VERONICA on MONDAY? Bad idea. Bad, bad idea. We don't want heads all exploding that early in the week. That would mean no work would get done ALL WEEK LONG!

Still I'm hoping one day, we see another Joss show grace our TV screens. Come one, Joss, you just gotta!

Oh, and yes, I love Jane.
An article in The New York Times also calls for Joss to be on CW:

Of the existing WB shows, "Gilmore Girls" should naturally be kept, as well as the coming show from that program's creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino. She, along with Greg Berlanti ("Jack & Bobby," "Everwood") and Joss Whedon ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Firefly") should be crowned CW's brain trust, and encouraged to bluster and saber-rattle in the media like the auteur-heroes of HBO (David Chase, David Milch, etc.).

From that article Simon:

"Everybody Hates Chris," which tested well but is less of a hit than UPN has advertised, should be turned officially into a children's show, and added to whatever becomes of WB's kid-show block.

What are they thinking?
The suggestion is that Joss create a show that CW would produce and air but as far as I remember Joss has to give Fox first option after they let him out of the ME contract. So CW could air it but Fox would sell the DVDs. Doesn't matter to us but would make a difference to CW if they're hoping to completly own a show.
...And really, Joss is making Big Movies now. If something were to lure him back to TV in three+ years, I'm thinking it would be HBO or SciFi, not CW...
You would think that if the CW wanted Joss badly enough that some deal could be arranged with Fox to release him from the development contract he is currently in with them. Nothing is set in stone as long as enough money is thrown around.

I'm never going to be convinced by these "Joss is making movies now" arguments, i'm afraid. The Whedon imagination is far too active to be limited to a single movie or two each year, especially movies based on other people's creations. He needs the broader canvas of television to satisfy his creative needs. Twenty or so hours a season, not two a movie.
I would agree with you VWaG if it were not for the fact that Joss is the writer and director on these movies. That may well not be enough creative outlet but even for the "man who doesn't sleep", a TV show on top of that would be too much, methinks.

But yes, new weekly Joss? My idea of heaven.
Would it be asking too much to hope that James Marsters might FINALLY land a series of his very own on this new hybrid netlet? Yeah...probably. But I can dream, can't I?
I agree, PMMJ, I would jump through the ceiling if I heard that Joss was to produce a Fray series on HBO. But, at this point, I would accept any network willing to give Joss a chance. I so miss my weekly doses of Joss' storytelling.
CW could (potentially) buy any show Joss made via 20th Century Fox. Of course, Joss ultimately got shafted by 20th (in my opinion) so if I was him, I wouldn't be chomping at the bit to get back to work with them.
I'm never going to be convinced by these "Joss is making movies now" arguments, i'm afraid. The Whedon imagination is far too active to be limited to a single movie or two each year, especially movies based on other people's creations. He needs the broader canvas of television to satisfy his creative needs. Twenty or so hours a season, not two a movie.

Do you have ANY idea what it takes in time and effort to even write a treatment, let alone a full-blown screenplay?
Do you know anything about Joss's process?
And how do you know what Joss needs regarding his creativity?
It doesn't really matter what will convince you.
Joss is making movies now.
1 of 'em is REALLY big. Mayhaps you heard about it. It has Amazons in it.
The other movie is a little smaller, but nonetheless...
Well, actually i do have a fair idea about what goes into writing a movie, AmazonGirl. Not to mention a fair idea about Joss himself and the comments he has made in the past about missing the broader canvas that a television show offers.

Can't argue with your facts. Joss most certainly is making movies right now. Can't see him staying away from television for long though.

Not entirely sure where the attitude i'm reading in your post is coming from because all i posted was a personal opinion. I may be reading too much into your words but it seemed like it annoyed you. Not entirely sure why it would though. I simply think that it won't be long until Joss wants to be telling one of his epic tales again, because quite frankly he still would be if he had his own way. Both Angel and Firefly would still currently be on our screens each week if Joss had anything to say about it so i don't see how me suggesting that Joss might like to get back to that type of storytelling is in any way offensive to you.
Need to tone down that tone a touch, AmazonGirl. I'm not sure if you're intending to come off quite so aggressive, but that's how it's reading.
I realize not everyone watches football but the ratings don't lie. Everything else suffers on that night. Not to mention when Monday Night Baseball comes back when the two sports on on at the same time....sheesh. I don't think there will be much if any dropoff when MNF goes to ESPN.

Monday is a bad idea. Joss doesn't have the time anyway and I think his reputation would command a better time slot. Not to mention that this is just one person's opinion so I don't put much stock in the article.
Good News Everyone.

From HR: Garth Ancier, current WB chairman, was said to have played a key role in paving the way for the launch of the CW but bowed out of seeking an executive role with the new venture and is set to resign his post.

And I hear tell that variety has a article where they mention David Janorelli quitting his job already at WB.
One thing for certain is that this merger has got us dreaming, hoping and wishing... It sure would be great to have a weekly Joss fix. He could gather up his crew - Jane, Tim et al.

Last August there was a Joss interview published in In Focus in which Joss mentions that he has an idea for a TV procedural show. Networks love procedurals - maybe now is the time to pitch this for 2007/2008. Give the networks the time to sort out the merger and schedule.

Joss - "I have no immediate plans to do a series right now. I do, however, have an idea for a procedural. I canít believe that I do. But Iím not going to realize it for some time. Because I need to take things at a different speed for a while. I had a notion. I went, ďOh my God, I canít believe I just found a procedural.Ē Thatís the last thing I ever thought I would make."

Interviewer - Iíd guess you would start it as a procedural and turn it into something else.
Joss - "Thatís usually the way it is."

Here is the link to the In Focus interview if you have not seen it yet. It is long - but a good read.
I'd put Joss Whedon up with (or against) David Milch or David Chase any day. Not that I'd want to. There's room for everybody, and Sopranos and Deadwood are indeed amazing shows. But if Joss came back to TV my head would join the heads exploding crowd. It'd be happiness, oh yes. When done brilliantly, as in by Joss, TV is an amazing, inspiring, layers-'n-meaning-as-deep-as-the-Marianas-Trench art form. Please, Joss, please. I know, I know, it's not up to him alone. But how great is it that Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune and the NY Times article writer were both calling on Joss to come to CW and strut his stuff? Vindication! Sweet, sweet vindication.

Speaking of the NY Times article, am I the only one annoyed by how "Angel" is frequently left out in Joss mentions? I'm happy as punch that "Firefly" was mentioned along with BtVS in the NY Times article about Joss and the CW, but what about the poor middle child that is "Angel," darnit? It was such a brilliant show. I'll probably always be a BtVS fan first (by a hair), but I don't like it when my AtS is left out, oh no.
There is a school of thought that says Angel was Joss' best tv series and I occassionally subscribe to it depending on my mood.
Despite what I said about my being a BtVS fan first "by a hair," at times I'd also agree with that school of thought, Simon. There are moments when I'm flat-out bowled over by AtS and its noirish, melodramatic, Sirkian, pathos-laden brilliance.
I think any Joss show would be fantastic, but it would be nice to see a Firefly, BtVS, or Angel spin-off. Anyone of those would be better than having nothing at all.
On the subject of whether Joss is too busy or not, I want to mention that Jane Espenson's show was just cancelled, and Tim is working on a pilot (not for WB or UPN, I hope), but will be free in May (as we talked about on another thread). CB is still working with Joss, at least on movies. What I'm saying is, the ME Scoobies are there to back Joss if he chose to get involved with something for the CW. Maybe it's too late for something for September, but it could be something for mid-season. Joss is good at things for mid-season. I'm just sayin'. ;-)
At, Mike's Buzz Bin mentions talks are on again for a Spike spinoff. Either TV or Movie is unknown. Most of what he mentions is usually rumor or recent fact, so take is how you will.

Here's a link:
Although Buffy is probably Joss' most 'fun' show, and one with more episodes you can enjoy all by itself, I definitely think that Angel is Whedon's best show all around. It's one amazing and damn near perfect 5 year story with a spectacular ending, and that's not something too many people can carry off. I'll never quite forgive Joss for ruining all the characters (for me) during season seven and most especially that words-cannot-describe-the-betrayal-I-feel finale. Firefly has the potential of doing better but it would take going back on air and kicking ass to make that kind of impression on me. And I would love to see that, by all means. Here's me hoping we will see more Whedon on TV in the near future on any network. Hopefully one that will treat him with the respect he deserves, unlike certain other networks with the letters F-O-X somewhere in their name.

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