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January 25 2006

(SPOILER) Amy Acker made an Alias regular. She tells SciFi Wire that "They just made me a regular, so I should be there for the rest [of the season's episodes]".

And Amay Acker? Is that a request of some kind Simon ;)Hm, Alias has a video montage similiar to Buffy/Angel's in their opening credits now so it'll be cool to see Amy up there.

I can't wait for Alias to get back. That was one hell of a cliffhanger.
Good for her.

Hint, hint, Joss. Amy's getting some nice exposure.. CW is born & possibly searching.. Alias ending this year... it's gotta be a sign, right?
Yay, the more Amy the better :)
Like i needed another reason to get back into Alias for it's final season, this seals the deal! Looks like i'm gonna have to alter my tv package to include Bravo again! Doh!
Excellent news for Amy. I haven't had the chance to watch her on 'Alias' due to the series being aired a year behind here, will have to wait on the DVD release. Looking forward to it.

Amy playing an evil character....who would of thunk it? ;)
Fantastic, will have to catch up on Alias (up to S3) so I can continue on to five and enjoy Amy's evil-ness.
Oooh exciting. Have only just finished Season Two of the show (LOVE Irina), but it makes it even better knowing I've got me a bit of Amy Acker coming my way.
Awesome. It'll be nice seeing her in opening credits again.
Since she's the only good thing so far about the show this year (can you smell the disappointed?), I say, to quote our Joss, bring on the "Amy-as! (Alias with an Acker in it)"!
I've said this many times when the subject of Alias comes up, but I've only started season four so I haven't seen any of Amy's episodes yet, however I will definitely be getting season five on DVD as soon as possible when it comes out. I love Alias and I can't wait to see her work. I think its nice that she will be a season regular although it would be great it the show was continuing- more of Alias, and more Amy.
Yessssss, more Amy! I'm still stuck in S4, though, so i'll have to finish that season sometime soon and start watching S5. There's no getting around it, and surely not now.
It has definitely been fantastic to see Amy in Alias this year. This is great news. Her character is delicious. Personally, I love Rachel Nichols also. Watching the two of them go at it? Heaven!
zeitgeist! Get going! You're supposed to be my Alias buddy. You too, Razor :)

More Amy? Gosh OK, I guess. Twist my arm. Finally got caught up with season 5, so looking forward to the new episodes. She can, indeed, play quite an evil character. I love how she can be so cute and adorable, then get this look in her eye and then does something not so adorable. There is a particular scene I'm thinking about, but won't go into details for all the season 5 virgins. Email me if you wanna know. Luhuhuve Amy.
I would be watching season five if I lived in the US, Harmalicious! Here in Ireland I'm not even sure if season three has been shown on any of the terrestrial channels yet... and season four just came out on DVD and I got it straight away. But I can't wait to see Amy, I think she will be fantastic.

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