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January 25 2006

Serenity TPB out today in comic book stores. The collection of the three issue mini-series is a bargain at $10 and features a new cover by Adam Hughes. And while you're in your local comic book store, why not pick up the latest Wizard Magazine? According to the cover, it features "the best Joss Whedon interview ever".

Don't torment me. The TP won't be here in Europe until the faraway time of... tomorrow afternoon.
Uh... I don't remember 'gorgeous' ever being an adjective for Hank McCoy before (or Kelsey Grammar for that matter). Sure works for me here!

Tomorrow, when I head on over to the comics shop to pick up a copy of the first volume of Astonishing X-Men for a friend, I will most certainly be snatching up the Serenity TPB (ooh, pretty cover) and the issue of Wizard.

Can't wait!
Just posted my review at Nice. Not what I was hoping for, but nice.
Picking up mine later today.
Me too. Can't wait. Especially as I never got a chance to get a hold of the third issue.
Apparently I live on a different moral plane then the rest of ya, since Borders's computer told me the TPB wasn't hitting til February.
It's cool, but smaller than the actual comics - 6" x 9". I'm happy that there is original art on the back of the TPB. Wasn't the back art originally going to be the front art, way way back when?
dainichijess, comic book stores get TPBs when they are released, in this case yesterday, while retail outlets such as Borders, Chapters, etc. don't get these things in until a bit later.
Saw it today at the comic shop; folks were grabbing it up; I really liked that all nine of the original covers were re-printed inside. Also; I represent the artist Adam Hughes that did the front cover; we weren't aware of any other cover artist. We had talked to Joss about doing covers last February, and he had said at the time that all the covers for the individual books had been alotted, but the trade paper-back cover was still avialable. I don't think he would have said that if he had promised it to another artist... he's always seemed a really nice, honest and upright guy when Adam has talked with him.

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