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March 07 2003

Alan Tudyk signs up for Will Smith movie. He will be playing the mechanical man in 'I, Robot'.

Looks like the Firefly cast are going on to great things.

So does anyone know if the character Will Smith will be playing is Elijah Bailey, from The Caves of Steel? If so, does that means Adam will be playing Daneel Olivaw or some other robot? -- any other Asimov fans in the know here?
There's a message board at IMDB that discusses the movie.

I, Robot message board

It looks like they are adding in elements from other books.
His name is actually Alan Tudyk.

I'm glad to see him getting work. I think he's wonderful.
Apologies for misspelling his name, I fixed it. Still nowhere near as bad as Cinescape spelling 'Firefly' as 'Firfly' on the their main page.
Yeah, thanks -- now I look like an idiot because I copied the mispelling. Sheesh!
I can really be a bit of a twit when it comes to names.

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