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January 25 2006

David Boreanaz makes In Touch Weekly's "Hottest Hunk on TV" list. Josh Holloway of 'Lost' scored the top spot.

Also, a reminder for fans of 'Bones' that it moves to 9pm ET tonight after AI. I don't know if David will be featured, but tonight's ET will be behind the scenes of the episode as well.

[ edited by Faith Antoinette on 2006-01-25 23:31 ]
Yep... DB definately belongs on the hunk list.
No surprise here, but I would have put him at #1!
Oh, yeah, looking...
Me too, TexLuvsAngel!
And also, (while we're being shallow :) I'm not too disappointed with the others on the list (mmm, McDreamy from Grey's and Sawyer from Lost.)
Funny, I think Michael Rosenbaum is MUCH more attractive than Tom Welling...but maybe that's just because his character is more interesting (or was, the last time I tuned in).
Gotta go with you on that, Ilana. Tom's pretty, but Michael is intense and smokin' hot.

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