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January 25 2006

Wear Both Coats. "There's room enough in the Whedonverse for both Firefly/Serenity Flans and Buffy/Angel Fans."

I came to Firefly because I loved the Buffyverse. Sometimes it gets pretty warm wearing 2 leather coats, but I can do it.
Vampire with a Gun, you've been cited! How cool for you. I like the term "Blackcoat." I like it very much. Well done.

I'd say I wear both coats. Which one I wear depends on my mood. But both coats are hanging in my closet o' Joss. (Eesh.)
Yay VwAG! Yes, no reason not to wear both coats. It's not an "either/or" world here -- plenty of Joss-y love to go around. There'll be even more to love when WW and Goners are made; I guess that means one of the new coats will be red/white/blue and with a gold eagle! ;-)

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I'll wear any coat as long as it's Joss's.

I don't even require him to be still in it, though I wouldn't object...
Okay, gotta say that is a little strange! When i joked in the Sci Fi Wire Poll thread that it would be cool if i was responsible for a new Whedonverse term entering our vocabulary i didn't actually expect to see it used anywhere outside of Whedonesque, in fact pretty much not anywhere outside of that specific thread.

Whilst i'm fairly vocal around here i'm not exactly known for my posting generally (in fact i'm only a member of Whedonesque and one other site) and so the idea that something i said is being repeated elsewhere online is a little ... weird, hehe!

Definately kinda cool! :)

Back to the actual thread topic though. That is a very nicely written article and i agree absolutely. I will likely always be a Blackcoat first and foremost, simply because it was the Buffyverse and Spike in particular that hooked me on Joss' work, but that takes nothing away from my love of Firefly/Serenity and i'm proud to describe myself as a Browncoat too.

There is absolutely no good reason why anyone should have to choose.
I never thought about choosing one or the other. I honestly don't think I could. I love them both so much! It's nice to know I'm not the only one!
Can I sew together half a browncoat and half a blackcoat?
I'm sure there's many of us. If I use a term (and I don't often), I guess I go with "Whedonite" rather than specifying a colour of coat. I love what he's given us so far, Buffyverse and Firefly 'verse, and trust him to create more wonderful works in the future, Goners and beyond.

My current actual coat is, in fact, purple.
I have a black coat in my closet, and a brown fact I also have a green one, a blue one and a tan one. I have a red hooded sweatshirt too! I have enough colors to cover anything Joss makes! I guess I'll have to go get a red, white, and blue coat when Wonder Woman comes out. But above everything I would have to say black is my main color, it's where it all started! But I do look good in my browncoat ;-)
I definitely wear both coats - proudly - and will continue to layer different colours and styles as long as Joss is designing them. And, as I said on Flickr, I think the design webrageous came up with should go on a button (or badge) that we can all wear. (Two or more coats can get pretty hot in the summer!)
I wonder if we could requisition Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (TM) as the official Whedoncoat? Plenty of colours for any future Whedon projects too...
So, I suspect that many of the newer members here may be Browncoats first, like myself. I want to commend Whedonesque for making us latecomers feel welcome.

And with that, I'm off to go finish my first viewing of another episode of BtVS S3... Does it ever top Season 2? Guess I'll find out soon...
I happened to like my black leather trenchcoat with a brown trim.
Ah, I envy you, your first view of s3! Just you wait...

Yep, room for us all here.
I don't get the rivalry thing, but people are allowed to wear one coat if they wish. I know people who only live in the buffy/angel verse and people who only live in the firefly/serenity one. Since they are different entities it makes a kind of sense.

Of course, I am always trying to take those people and hyponotize them into loving all Joss projects.
Ooh, we are in history in the making. How fun!

And glad you're enjoying Buffy, jclemens...'tis a wonderful thing...
It's just one fat guy's opinion but....

If there was a big rumble coming, I'd side with the BlackCoats.

If I wanted to throw down my laser rifle and admit defeat, I'd side with the Browncoats.

(I'm so going to get it--please be gentle)

Edited b/c I forgot to congratulate Vampire with a Gun! Nice job!

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Vampire with a Gun - Go You! So cool! Yes, I wear my Blackcoat with pride! I'll throw on a red hat for WW. Anything to show my respect for THE man.

jclemens - so jealous!!
If I had to choose I'd choose the Buffyverse (which to my mind includes Angel) just because there is a lot more of it to wallow in than the 'Verse verse. (Damn you Fox, damn you to hell!) But all three shows rank as the best series network tv has produced, so both coats please.
A new term for BtVS/AtS fans -- coolness! You must be proud, VwaG. A contribution to the Whedonverse vocab is something all fans can share. And who knows, maybe it'll be recognized in the Oxford Unabridged one day, like "d'oh".

I'm definitely a wearer of both coats, though I have way more black coats than brown ones in the literal sense. When you've had 11 seasons of one 'verse to find the perfect outerwear to reflect your inner televisualogical fixation, as opposed to only one season of the other 'verse, it's to be expected that opening your closet door might resemble looking into a black hole (with a brown dwarf at its center) ;)

If we consider ourselves bi-versal, does that mean we're Blawncoats?
I wonder what coats we'll be when Wonder Woman comes out? Star-Spangled Panty-coat?

Remember, you heard it here first. :)

[ edited by NickSeng on 2006-01-26 11:31 ]
I feel like Spike's attire was always called a "jacket" more often. And I love the browncoat/blackcoat thing.....but maybe...Blackjackets. Is that too weird? Or bad? I dunno. Don't mind me.
I'm a Blackcoat through and through, baby.

I wish Firefly never existed so that Josh could spend more time on the Slayerverse.
Um, Storyteller, who's this Josh person of which you speak? ;)
killinj, you haven't heard of Josh Weldon, Jewel Staite's husband? I don't mean to be unkind, but have you been under a rock somewhere?
What, was there a holy war between the two fandoms?

On second thought, I think I'd really rather not know. *shakes head*
No GreenArmadillo, there wasn't, just a friendly rivalry like siblings vying for attention.

Lioness, d'oh, how could I have forgotten!
twice in the past day my class discussion has erupted into Whedonverse lovefests, Firefly and Buffy included. I'd say that coats black and brown are the very heighth of college fashion this year!
I thought Jewel was married to Ben....And Josh and Glory were an item....
I wear both coats proudly. The Buffy 'verse got me into the Firefly 'verse. I guess I'm technically a Whedonite.
I wear a very feminine, purple back pack.

I'm a die-hard whedonite. Any coat he's wearing, I'll be wearing.
What?! This isn't the Josh Weldon room? No wonder I've been so confused. :)

Excellent job, Vampire With A Gun. Well spoken.
I too will wear any coat Joss is wearing, which includes equally-sized brown and black coats. In that poll I chose more Serenity simply because of the relative lack of Firefly material we have compared to the 144 episodes of Buffy and 112 of Angel. But I love them all equally, and in different ways.
I'm thinking that Dark Chocolate would be a good name for the mix of black and brown. Plus, chocolate.
The Slayer herself wore both a Blackcoat and a Browncoat.

And no one ever told her, "That Would Be Wrong."
There now follows a fascinating interesting 'why is he telling us this?' Simon item.

I don't wear coats, I wear hats. When I post a Spike item, I wear a Spike hat. When I post a Firefly item, I wear a Firefly hat. When I post an item that contains both Buffy and Firefly news, I wear two hats. On top of each other. The moral of this story? I'm really not sure. But I like being a Joss fan at the end of the day.
The moral of your story, Simon, is to make sure that you have many fancy hats in your wardrobe so you can always post on Whedonesque without fear you'll run out of hats.
Actually, I never understood this Y vs. Z on the internet. I love all works of Joss Whedon and my favorite series is whatever one that happens to be playing on my television.
I'll use Wiseblood's term "bi-versal" again. Probably often and in public. VwaG, go on with your bad self.
But if the Blackcoats were cavemen and the Browncoats were astronauts and they got into a fight, who would win?
Do the astronauts have weapons?
Well as to astronauts versus cavemen... it's like The Initative versus magick all over again. And y'know, Fred said on her deathbed that cavemen would win, and she was always pretty smart. ;)
I love not having to choose a coat. I have enough love in me for all the verses.
Borrowing from Wiseblood a bit, I like to think I'm bi-coatal.


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