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January 26 2006

Country music legends get their "Buffy" on in the four page web comic, "Bring Me the Head of Waylon Jennings." It's the latest installment of "I Wanna See the Nashville Lights" -- Zayne Reeves and Mike Alves' slice of refried, mildly lysergic, Americana.

Who among us hasn't felt the need to see George Jones, Don Williams and Ray Price enacting ultraviolent scenarios whilst making gratuitous BtVS references?

Note to mods: Excuse the excessive "edited bys"...It's my first ever post and I just got a bit of the vapors. Is there any way to delete the darn things?
I've no idea who any of those references are (well OK, I've heard the names Waylon Jennings and, more vaguely, George Jones), but that's a great Buffy shout. Kudos, bobster, on a great first post find.

But don't forget tags!
When worlds collide. George Jones has a song 'Borrowed Angel' and it always makes me think of...Buffy. Bring on the mountain music masters.
How do people find this weird stuff???
No, the beauty part is that Gillian Welch and David Rawlings are the "heros" and that they stay to watch the Btvs musical. Excellent.

George Jones and Don Williams...are true greats, and I'm not a big country fan, but there are some songs they've done that are just simpl amazing...the Buffy tie in was indeed lysergic!
Off topic, I know, but 'Elvis Presley Blues' by Gillian Welch is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard. And David Rawlings sure can play a mean guitar!

"And he shook it like a chorus girl / And he shook it like a dancehall queen / He shook it like a midnight rambler, baby / Like you never seen".

Elvis and Buffy - two great popular/cultural icons.
SNT -- I'm still a bit of a technopeasant, so when it said tags were "optional," rather than overtag, I decided to egregiously undertag....Anyhow, next time I'll tag gratuitously!

And glad y'all liked it.
Everytime I think of OMWF, the first image in minds eye is David Fury with his mustard problem solved and I always giggle like a school girl.
Gillian Welch and Buffy in one webcomic? HOLY OVERLOAD! And, yes, Gillian Welch is freaking amazing. However, I do think that Peter Mulvey's cover of "Caleb Meyer" is a fair bit better...
When pop cultures collide! Fab find. Love the Elvis Costello reference, too.
Love the description of David Rawlings as Gillian Welch's "gimp."
There is a strong country music connection to Buffy. Dolly Parton's company owns some of the rights to the character, something to do with the movie I believe.
Hmmm, so that's what First as Dru meant when she says to Spike in Season 7, "That's why our kind make such good Dolly's."

So, um, what's "lysergic" mean?

Is it wrong that now I'm kinda scared?
Hmmm. I'm imagining a Buffy-based attraction at Dollywood.

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