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January 26 2006

Dru brings some Gentlemen to HauntX. The Horror, Haunt, and Halloween expo in LA, California, Feb. 17-19th. The event has scared up Juliet Landau, Camden Toy, and Doug Jones from the verse, with many others from the horror genre.

Is there a newsletter for that site that I'm not seeing? Just curious because I tend to forget to keep checking convention sites, so many of them don't seem to have update lists.
Most places don't send out newsletters, you have to search for them.
hmmm...Landau and a couple of the others are worthy of note.
But the woman who played Pazuzu's face in the Exorcist (for all of five seconds) hardly seems like something to get excited about.... (no offense to her) But I guess I just don't get that.
Ashley Laurence from Hellraiser? I had such a crush on her. And Juliet Landau too come to think of it.
And Sporty Spice! Don't forget her!

You're a most generous man in your crushes, Simon.
I really am.
That same weekend in the LAX Mariott Hotel, just a block or two away, is the annual Gallifrey (Dr. Who) convention ( They also sometimes have Jossverse guests (Amber Benson last year, Danny Strong, Camden Toy and Robia DeMorte the year before, James Leary the year before that; none yet announced for this year, but that's not unusual, since lots of guests are last-minute additions), and usually have one or two good Jossverse panels. So you could join both conventions, since both are fairly inexpensive (for conventions) and walk back and forth between both hotels, getting the highlights of each! Which, actually, is what I think I'll do...

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