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January 26 2006

Last night's ratings for Bones. Remember back in December when it was announced Bones would go head to head against Lost and Veronica Mars? Well last night it happened, so how did David Boreanaz's new show fare?

We haven't had a ratings thread in ages so it seemed like a good idea to do one as a special one-off.

Other relevant ratings news for last night's threesome:


At 9, forensics crime drama "Bones""Bones" (4.7/11 in 18-49, 11.4 million viewers overall) placed second in young-adults demos and posted its best scores to date -- despite holding onto just 34% of "Idol's" demo lead-in.


ABC moved into the lead at 9 p.m. with "Lost," 11.2/16. CBS improved to 10.0/15 with "Criminal Minds" to hold onto second. FOX's "Bones" suffered a precipitous drop from its "Idol" lead-in, finishing at 6.8/10. "The Biggest Loser: Special Edition" was fourth for NBC at 5.4/8. The WB stayed in fifth with a "Beauty and the Geek" rerun, which finished a little ahead of "Veronica Mars" on UPN.

And if you're a huge fan of the Mayor and Buffy season 3. Well Harry Groener guested in last night's episode of Bones and by all accounts there was a scene with him and David.

Here's the thing, I saw the first episode of Bones and wasn't feeling it. However, I'm hearing such good things that the commercials really make me want to watch (which is the point of them...) But it's already hard enough to watch LOST and tape VM at the same time!
Yeah, MySerenity, that's my problem. I have capability of taping two programs while watching one of them, but I don't have a third, so Bones went unwatched last night. I've really liked Bones so far, and this is the first one I've missed, so hopefully I'll have something figured out next week so I won't miss it again.
I recorded Bones on my computer and haven't watched it yet (recorded VM and Lost on my TiVo).

Dropping to 34% is clearly a big big drop, but if you wanna hold 34% of anything, it would be 34% of Idol. I hope the numbers go up a little over the next few weeks, and then the long-term test will be the ratings when it goes to 8pm and doesn't have to compete with Lost.
I don't get VM so while I taped Lost I watched some of Bones. Good to see Harry Groener again. Nice beard, he had. And yes,he and DB were together on screen.
Actually - the 6.8 is better than Bones has done in any outing since the debut episode. Also, the 4.7/11 in the 18-49 demo is better than the 3 or so it was averaging before.

Idon't think that FOX will be unhappy with this. It will be interesting to see how it fares next week.
While it was the highest rated episode of Bones yet I think Fox were hoping it would become a break-out hit as House did when it started airing after American Idol. Only holding a third of it's lead-in is not a good sign for the future.
And actually, Veronica Mars did not air against these two in all areas. I'm not sure why, but here Veronica was not on until 10 p.m. and UPN's South Beach was left to go up against the other two shows, so while it might be a good test for Bones I wouldn't say it gave a lot of helpful information to the Mars camp.

I watch Bones for Boreanaz and for the decent chemistry between him and Emily Deschanel, but I'm not blown away by it. This year it ranks slightly above Numbers for me in that I watch the TiVoed episode of Bones at some point every week and let Numbers accumulate on the TiVo until we feel like killing a few episodes off. Fortunately I don't have to choose as we have a total of three TiVo tuners in the house, but I think Fox was crazy to pit Bones against Lost.

I don't believe it has much of a chance of becoming a "breakout" hit. I think a lot of networks are putting all their eggs into the "procedural" basket, and unless you have a dynamite hook (Hugh Laurie, for example), I think people reach a procedural limit really fast and want to go back to something with a bit more drama. Just MHO.

Does anybody else think the whole ratings system has long since become archaic? At some point they should just start letting us cherry-pick our channels, pay for them (since we pay for the cable or dish that brings us network TV anyway) and let the number of customers who buy a channel tell them more about their shows than advertisers? In a world where it's possible for many serious TV watchers to have several DVRs, the old system is seeming sillier and sillier.

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The one thing they don't tell you is that every program that has ever followed AI has dropped bu half if not more. For some reason Idol goes against all kinds of typical network expectations. So I am not concerned, the fact that it came in 3rd for the hour, is great news concidering the competition. And is it me or does any one else feel a strange sense of deja vu seeing David on Wed night at 9pm.
I missed Bones- forgot to tape it. Part of my problem with them moving it is I know I will forget about it since I am way more into LOST.

I really liked the Bones and House tuesday lineup. I don't watch American Idol, I never will. But I do love House.

Although now that Scrubs is back I am forgetting to watch House.

Scrubs just needs to be on Thursday.
I was just lamenting about how all of my favorite shows air simultaneously, while the schedule for the rest of the week remains barren. I solved the problem of Wednesday nights by getting an additional DVR! (I know, I'm a hopeless addict.)

edited to add: Anwyn, I didn't refresh in time to see your post; I see you've got me beat! It is so nice to be among like minds who understand the obsession. :)

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"I don't watch American Idol, I never will."

We're probably the only two in the country that DON'T watch American Idol. The entire premise just gives me the heebie jeebies. I have never watched an episide, and never plan to either. The commercials are almost more than I can take. I also liked the Bones/House lineup previously. Kinda wish they'd left it where it was. Now, I have to work a little DVR magic between Bones and Lost.

Like RavenU said, they don't tell you how much everyone else after Idol has fallen, so it's hard to look at numbers and judge one way or another, because we can't see the entire picture.

I completely agree Anwyn, in this day and age of DVR and as On Demand becomes more popular, I think Satellite and Cable need to start offering a la carte services. This way, not only can you pick when you want to watch something, but also choose only what you want. I can see a day where shows will simply become available on a set schedule, but they won't actually 'air.' You'll just watch them when it's convenient.

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Hell no, I don't watch Idol either. I don't believe we are alone. :)

And SaltyGoodness, me too on the like minds. :)

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Anwyn: I too find it frustrating that decisions on the fate of creative work get based so completely on scores by a private corporation.

What we really need is not channel-picking, but show-picking, in fact. Would anyone seriously have subscribed to UPN pre-Veronica? If you had to subscribe to single channels, their new strategy would be to have a SINGLE killer show that makes each age group buy the whole bag for a month just to get it. Kind of like picking up a crappy album just for the one decent tune.

I've discovered so many good shows through the recommendations of bloggers that I find the prospect of channel surfing repulsive. Waste time hoping I might catch the last half of something worthwhile? Forget it. Better to read through TV-tagged posts on Technorati, and find personalized recommendations. I can steal a few episodes, and if it's good, buy the DVD set.
Well they do tell you that last week Skating with Celebrities managed to do considerably better out of AI than "Bones" did. Also of concern I would say is the drop in the audience between the two half hours. Who knows whether this is good enough for FOX, they've already planned to move Bones back to be a lead in for AI when it switches to a half hour results format but based on last night I wouldn't hold my breath for Bones to become the next "House" which I think is what FOX wanted.
I caught Bones, and yes Harry Groener was in it in scenes with David Boreanaz. Not a great part for Harry, but he did okay with it. It took me a bit to like the show, but now I am hooked. As much for the chemistry between Boreanaz and Deschanel, as for the side characters who are starting to be more than archetypes.

But I am totally peeved that they've scheduled it opposite Veronia Mars, a show I got caught on last year. I did just sign up for a DVR, but of course forgot to tape VM or the Idol preliminary show that I missed due to a long call from an old friend. Drat, Drat, Drat!

Hey, I like Idol, at least I like the later rounds when the people acutally sing for more of the time. The early rounds with the idiots and the fools can be grating, and besides, why show me what you are going to show me again and again, just air more of the people and I'd be happy. But if you don't watch it, I'm not offended. I haven't gotten caught up in the "Lost" tidalwave and I don't mind that so many folks have been. Besides, as another person noted, I can always buy/rent/borrow the dvds and see it too.
mikepurvis, I like the way you think.

And since we're talking about an on-demand menu here (great idea), can I put in a plug for my most recent must-see...Love Monkey.

It's only been two eps, but this one is good, folks. Worth your time. So far this year House has been the only thing I watch (while waiting for Deadwood to return, of course! Pfff!), but this show has something hard to define. It has that thing. Funny and warm at the same time. And the writing crackles.

**Goes off to start a thread on dot org about it**
Willowy, there was actually a Love Monkey thread here.
I'm sure it's just wishful thinking on my part, but there was a "Special Agent Finn" in last night's episode. Maybe another shout-out to Buffy Fans? I also really enjoyed seeing Harry Groener on last night. I saw his name at the beginning of the episode and I got really excited, but I was disappointed he was only in a couple minutes worth of time. The thing I enjoy most about Bones is waiting for the Jossverse references. There have already been a few, as well as guest stars that we know and love.
jam2, thanks for that. Yes, I remember, but it was only after the first ep, and I wanted to stress that it has held up through the second showing. It does deserve its own thread, imo, so I did start one over on org. :)
Bones grows on me each week, and I am considering abandoning LOST. It's lovely to see DB being funny, and the show is finding its feet...and hello, being allowed to find its feet. Hey, what a concept.

And since AI has been brought up several times? Sunday 1/22 NYT had great editorial...all the forces clamoring about too much sex on TV? Why are they not disparaging the nastiness and disrespect that AI spouts each week, mostly toward the meek?

If that's too OT, I'll delete, but I'm in total agreement.
And actually, Veronica Mars did not air against these two in all areas.

I was looking at the Veronica Mars ratings for Wednesday night when I posted this last night and was thinking "jeez those are atrocious ratings".
This year I've got to say that while I love VM I didn't miss it when it wasn't on. But I did miss Lost and Bones. Weird. Bones is getting better and better. I even like Zack now, he annoyed me at first as did all the other side characters but I like them all better than Brennan herself.

I think the character is good and written well and I had to agree with what she was saying this week. But the actress' delivery is awful, and while the chemistry between her and DB is getting better she is what is pulling this show down for me.

DB is amazing and looked stunning this week. Loved his casual look and I wonder if they were his t-shirts. Very sexy man. *goes glassy-eyed and wibbles* ;0)
Well, i've seen three episodes of Bones now and all i can say is that if Lost and Veronica Mars are at ten on the "Holding My Interest" meter then Bones has now gone from a three to a minus one.

I'm really finding it hard to see what anyone is seeing in this show. It is just so predictable and dull and the characters lack any real dimension at all. It's got one more week to even slightly impress me and then i'm going with my initial gut reaction and giving up on it.

The thing for me is that between running a business and having a good social life, not to mention finding a little time a day to spend reading the threads here, i don't have a great deal of time to watch television so if i'm going to commit an hour of my day to a show it has to be worth it. Bones falls into that category of Easy Watching Television as far as i'm concerned. The kind of show you watch to pass an hour but don't really care enough to go out of your way to watch it regularly. Only problem is i already have plenty of shows that i really look forward to and so Bones doesn't really stand much of a chance of staying on my personal televsion schedule.
I'm with you exoticmushroom, I enjoy the show very much now, with the exception of Brennan who is just so annoying. DB leaves me completely speechless. I am impressed by his acting - the messages he manages to convey in a facial expression, and of course, the funny! And despite the weakness of the Christmas episode, we got to see DB goofed up on drugs and acting silly in a wifebeater! Count me in!

I also understand where you are coming from, Vampire With A Gun, because the first 8 or so episodes of Bones were pretty bad for me, and they filled up on my DVR unwatched until I was working on a project at home and put them on for background noise. I considered it a guilty pleasure just to see DB, but it has grown on me.
Wow, really, VwaG? I find that Bones is growing on me each week. Wednesday's episode, while a bit preachy, was actually quite a lot of fun, I thought, and DB is getting funnier which I enjoy.

And, why WAS VM pre-empted, anyway? My local affiliate had some "Biggest Loser" special on. Thank goodness they re-run it on Saturday nights.

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In areas that don't have UPN affliates, the WB affliates tend to run the UPN shows in their 10pm time slot - since this is a local descission of the affliates the numbers are not tablulated in the overnights for the shows. This is also visa versa for areas that have UPN but not WB affiliates. Areas that have neither, FOX affilates will sometimes fill there 10 pm slot with FOX produced shows for the netlets. The ratings for those shows then get added to the overall monthly stats for the program, which the general public never sees.

Septimus - Sounds like you had it on NBC not UPN, cause that is were the "Biggest Looser" is aired.
SaltyGoodness He's good isn't he. :0) This week was very good for him I think. He went from smug in the office, to pouty when Brennan was driving, to pretty goofy and then serious and intense when he was telling the other FBI agent off. I think that scene worked so well because he had been so goofy earlier in the episode.

Please can't they just kill off Brennan or replace her with the actress' sister. I've only seen her in The Good Girl but I thought she was great. Or maybe Brennan could have a sex change, lope a few inches of her height and we could have DB and JM on screen together again. I know, I know, I'm reaching. But you have to admit they have way better chemistry together. *longing sigh* Oh, and I don't mean in a slashy way, just that they have great chemistry together full stop.
Septimus - Sounds like you had it on NBC not UPN, cause that is were the "Biggest Looser" is aired.

Hrmm... well, in any case, it wasn't on in the Boston area. (I'm sure of it because my DVR didn't record it, AND I was watching TV at the time and couldn't find it.) No matter. It's still scheduled for Saturday re-runs.
Am I the only one who likes Brennan? I like the deadpan thing, mostly because it gives my boy DB a chance to shine. Hell, for so long as Angel he had to be the deadpan one (no pun there) -- I love seeing him play off her.
I also like Brennan, cronopia, but I think they are writing her part way over the top. They have made her obnoxious in a couple of episodes - the one about the dead guy in the wall where she is dancing with Angela, talking very loudly and upsetting the people around her. The other one was Wed's episode where she was spouting off about plastic surgery in front of all the women in the doctor's waiting room. It's not that she's not right (at least in principle), but that she's so loud and obnoxious about it. I think she is a fine actress, but the writers and director have to make use of that. Think Ewan McGregor in Star Wars. We know he can act, but they didn't bring anything out of him. DB, of course, is wonderful and they've used him to better advantage, although I would still like to see more of him than her. I like the rest of the cast also, especially Zach.

As for putting it up against so many other shows - Lost, VM, Criminal Minds - that was just wrong. I tape Bones because I want to watch it a couple of times. I sent an e-mail to and and asked them if they were TRYING to kill Bones, for what good it will do. But it won't hurt if they receive a bunch of e-mails complaining! Hint, hint.

Where I live, we have no UPN and only 2 hours of WB, tacked on the end of primetime on Fox. I have someone in another town who tapes VM for me, but I'm not upset if I miss it. To me, it is a decent show, but nothing to get excited about. The one I can't wait to see (but have to, of course) is 24.
I watched the first two episodes of Bones, but it isn't really my kind of show so I stopped.

But I already had the TV on for Project Runway on Wednesday, I don't watch Lost or VM so I gave it another shot.

There is a lot to like about this show. I think DB is great in it, he shows a good mix of humor and likability, but ability to show a serious and badass side as well.

I like almost all the sidekicks a lot, with the exception of the irritating bearded guy.

The weak link to me is the actress who plays Brennan. I don't have a problem with the character, I even find the "I don't know what that means" pretty funny. I just think the actress is playing her slow-witted. She is supposed to be really smart right?

To me, the way she speaks and the look in her eyes comes off as either not bright at all or sort of stoned. I haven't seen the actress in anything else so I don't know if this is just how she acts or if she is just playing this role that way, but I don't like it.

The concept is good, the scripts are good, DB is excellent and I think I will watch it again next week. And I hate crime shows in general so that is saying something.
Not only is the "ratings" concept becoming obsolete, the whole "lead-in/out" thing, especially as practiced by FOX, is close to hopping on the useless train. Who watches American Idol? Mostly teenagers and their parents. Who in their right mind thinks that conceptually, it's a good match with Bones? Yes, AI is a ratings monster, but the pairing is demographic clusterf**k.

Bones has improved mightily since its debut. I've always loved the flirty lab gal, and the two lab nerds are annoying me less with every ep. DB and ED are forming a very nice chemistry. These things take time, people.

On a completely "other" note, a lot of UPN affiliates "re-purpose" Veronica Mars on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, which is invaluable for breaking up those nasty scheduling logjams! So check those listings!!
VerseRoamer re: the pairing - worked for House - which I'd say is even a worse demographic pairing at first look.

AI is so huge that nearly everything would get a bump of some kind
OK, maybe I was more in love with the phrase "demographic clusterf**k" than I was with the concept. But I still think FOX has ROX in their head when it comes to scheduling. IMHO, they caught lightning in a bottle with House, they got lucky. But that's just me. I still hate them for what they did to John Doe,; )
Hey, did anybody catch DB on Martha Stewart today? I guess they made him cook sardines and other fish stuff. As he doesn't like seafood at all, I guess the entire show, he was running around trying to cook the fish but had a towel over his nose. When they were going to cook the fish, he wanted them to cut the heads off because he didn't like them looking at him. Sounds really funny. I'm hoping Martha puts video of it up on her site or maybe somebody has clips somewhere.
VerseRoamer, they are showing John Doe on SciFi on Friday nites at 7 ET, same as they did Firefly a few months back. I liked that show also.

Wish I had caught DB on the Martha Stewart show. Not on my usual watch list. I did watch some daytime TV - my DVD's of Angel!!

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