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January 26 2006

James Marsters in a new role? Website has Marsters listed as a member of the cast. The show is called Starfighters-The Praetorian Issue. Click Cast, then Praetorian, then Decimus and there's Marsters' picture and bio.

There's very little info on site. Is this a Sci-fi Channel show?

If this is accurate, then yes. It's apparently scheduled for a Sci Fi Channel release in early 2006.
This all looks pretty fake to me.
It took a bit of googling, but it appears to be a possible Sci-Fi channel pilot or one-off movie. The website the link points too seems, to be charitable, a tad amateurish. To be honest, after looking at the "official" website for this, I was uncertain if it was for a video game, or a vanity project or what.

Can't say that I had seen a website list parts that were uncast, but I'm no Hollywood expert. On the other hand, the fact that Google comes up with free-hosted sites that appear to have been predecessor sites to the current one makes me even more skeptical.

Sounds like a potential mish-mosh of Battlestar Gallactica, Harry Turtledove's Videssos saga (books), and a few other ideas. Could be good, or could be very, very bad.
Hmm and Marc Alaimo (Deep Space Nine) appears to be in it as well.
"How can it be there's a whole planet called Miranda and none of us knowed that?"

I can't tell what to make of this. There's this page on imdb. It seems like it was a show in the UK, and this new show is a spinoff/sequel or something. I dunno, it's all very confusing. Plus that site looks so unofficial...

BTW, don't get me started on how brilliant Marc Alaimo was as Gul Dukat.
In his filmography under imdb, it says that he was in the cast of a TV show called "Revelations" that supposedly ran from 2002- 2003. It is the same cast and characters, and he plays Praetorian Decimus in it.
Give me a break. It is not listed as one of his credits on his Official site. Do you really believe that with the fans James Marsters has...he could have been in a series in the UK in 2002 and none of us ever heard of it?

This reminds me of the time a guy making a horror film had a website with James picture on it claiming he was in it. That one turned out to mean he had sent an offer to Himber Entertainment and hadn't heard back. When he did...the answer was "No,"

I don't know what's going on with this Revelations/Starfighter stuff but dollars to donuts it is someone trading on James' name and not a word of truth to it.
Do you really believe that with the fans James Marsters has...he could have been in a series in the UK in 2002 and none of us ever heard of it?

My thoughts exactly Berry, lol.

Someone has simply added the cast list from Starfighters to the imdb page for Revelations, and if you look at who posted the additional synopsis for the series, you'll find that it's Northwest Entertainment - the same person responsible for the Starfighters website.
This looks like some fan-fiction deal.
This is a link I thought worth leaving up just so clued-in JM fans would put us in the picture. Otherwise truth and lies are just too hard to decipher on that darn internet.

And at this point, that site is looking like a flack-job to draw publicity - that, or an outright fiction.
It reminds me of those fan made Star Trek episode websites that one sees from time to time. I think this is wishful thinking more than anything else.
Looks to me like someone has created a project and then tried to make it seem more real by adding it to I can say as a UK resident that I have not heard of this series before.
Nigel Bennett, too... I remember him from Forever Knight...
I'd have to agree with those casting a sceptical eye on this. No way did this happen without a single one of James Marsters' fanbase hearing about it before now and it ending up being mentioned here. It's just far too unlikely.
I've never heard of Revelations but since it was apparently on Ch5 that's not surprising. Can't work out the connection between Revelations and Starfighters though, other than the cast listed on the Starfighters site. Revelations looks like it was a Quantum Leap type show, set in a different time/place each episode as seen on this site. Also the plot outline on the imdb page is
Jess is the 'essence' of man. He travels throughout the world, even through different times, trying to understand the meaning of existence, and how the world ticks.
but if you click on the "More" link you get this outline:
For years Earth and the Galactic Alliance has kept the peace and maintained a prosperous economy. Now an even more dangerous foe travels lightyears across the galaxy in a quest to return to the lands that they were abducted from centuries ago by an unknown alien race.

It's almost as though 2 completely different shows have merged. I can't find anything about most of the cast listed on the IMDB page for Revelations on the Revelations website nor the page about it. All very confusing.

It just doesn't make any sense for the cast list to actually be in the 2002 show every week since it was set in a completely different time/place episode to episode so my best guess is that IMDB is wrong and there's actually no connection between the 2 projects. Especially since on the Starfighters site there's no mention of Tom Hern who played Jess the main character in Revelations
I'm sure poor Mr. Himber has already been inundated with emails. I swear that guy must be a saint!

Besides the horror movie Berry mentioned, I seem to remember (but that memory has proven faulty in the past!) another time where Mr. Himber posted on JM's site about a Con or other event James was NOT attending, to clarify, because a site had incorrectly listed him as a guest.

eta: On another site, a poster wondered that IF it was real, that possibly it was a pilot shot a few years ago that never saw the light of day. I guess that might be as possible as anything.

The fans will definitely find out what the truth is and if necessary, I'm sure Himber will post on JM's site about.

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This just looks too silly. I can't imagine it's real.
JM posted the other week that he was getting ready for pilot season. He wouldn't be doing that it he was already cast in something. This has got to be bogus. Sort of like a genre fantasy cast someone likes, that's all. Like Fantasy Football. :0)
Another thing to question is the dates on the imdb listing. 2002 - 2003? Wasn't he busy working on Buffy followed by Angel S5 at the time? When would he have had the time to film another series?

Also, the photo on the Starfighter website is a post-Angel photo. Wouldn't James have been either blond or in his transitional two-toned hair at the time?
Wendy on BAPS e-mailed Himber, it's a fake.. Or rather, it's a fan role playing game, I guess.

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A lurker asked for me to point out that these folks are advertising for talent on Craig's list:

link 1 - link 2

Interesting. I'm guessing its wishful thinking to attract others and not entirely on the level. Maybe lure in other folks by saynig Marsters and Alaimo are involved?
As soon as I got on the site I could tell that the whole thing was fake. If it was real than the site would be more...shiny.

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I add my vote to those who think it looks totally fake.
LMAO, You guys think the SERENITY thing is weird, this one boggles the mind.

Am I reading it all wrong? They said James was contacted about this one which stars Antonio Banderos?
The co-creator of the series is still saying that he's committed to the project. Strange. Suppose there'll be a definite answer eventually.
Faith Antoinette, that is odd. Huh.

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