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January 27 2006

An interview with Greg Edmonson. Enjoyable and insightful Q&A with the Firefly composer.

Great, if too brief, interview. Besides his obvious talent as a composor, GE seems like a genuinely nice guy and I admire the philosophical outlook he conveys toward the industry and toward the importance of people over careers. His love for FF really comes through and it's a shame he didn't get to score the movie. I remember how disappointed I was when I learned he wouldn't be doing the movie, so I can only imagine how he felt. I love that he handled the situation with such grace and continuing love for FF, especially given how easy it is to become bitter out here in L.A.
If you want a longer interview, Fireflytalk podcast did a very long interview with Greg last month. It took up the better part of 2 podcasts.
He is such a class act. I really enjoyed this interview.
Oh, I love Greg. And I'm still abit sad that he was unable to work on the Serenity score...

Thanks for the interview!

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