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January 27 2006

Serenity model kit in the works. Thomas Models is apparently working on the kit Browncoat hobbyists have long coveted....

"About 114 resin parts, 4 clear resin, 4 clear vac form, 185 photo-etched brass parts, plug n' play animated drive lighting, and color decals in glorious 1/87 HO scale." My God.

For the obsessives:

Exploded parts diagram.

Browncoats board discussion.

Thomas Models site index with additional files.

(Thanks to b!X for the tip.)

It'll be just over 20 inches long, apparently
Cool. I haven't made models in well over 16 years. I'd be very tempted to get this.
The other day I happened to come across this link: Firefly Class Freighter: Serenity Build Up Review

Looks like it's not for the faint of heart.

According to the Review: MSRP: $20 USD available from Larson Designs/MiniModelMadness
Oh, I love models. Tinkering with them is a great way for me to relax. I'm never happy until I have the slightest detail perfect which usually takes a year or so. Then I give it away and start another one. Again, I enjoy the act of building them. My favorites are airplanes and I'm nearly done with this A-10. I'll be picking this model next, if and when, it's available.

Thanks for the heads up, HudsonVC.
I wants it.

I also wants someone else to builds it.
I want a full scale one. To live in.

Well, if I win the Eurolottery 100M tonight...

(And for our American friends, our lotteries are tax free and we get the lot in one go!)
Just added more details from Thomas and possible prices at Short answers: prolly won't be out for another year and will prolly cost at least $200.
Can I just get one made for me.. or does that mess up the whole concept of modeling? (And not the scary, America's Next Top Model kind of modeling)
Oh, wow! Finally! I'll need two: one to practice on and probably break, and one to make for real when I've got the hang of model-building.
I wants one too - the model and one to live in. $200 smackeroos is a lot of money though and I've never built a model but I am so tempted to get this no matter the price and the challenge! Zz9, I've said it before that I would love to have the money to build a Firefly to live in - my husband thinks I'm nuts so I'm glad to see I'm not the only one!
Well FF, I didn't win the lottery this week (and it's 125M next week) so I may have to make do with a model. But for an eccentric multi millionare it's very liveable. It has a garage built in, nice kitchen/diner, enough bedrooms (though the en-suite facilities in the Captins room may need some work) and that funny space in front of the cockpit would make a prefect place for the plasma TV and gazzillion watt DTS system.

I've spent way too much time thinking about this.
See, I thought Inara's shuttle could be used for the master bedroom - it's spacious and elegant! And I thought the bridge would make a great office with it's wrap around view of the outside! I've also spent way too much time thinking about this too!!
I had thought the shuttles could be "guest wings" but master bedroom makes sense. Since, sadly, the engines on mine would be non-functioning I planned to use them as rooms. I know this goes against all fandom rules but dammit it's MY spaceship house!

For added effect I plan to program bit's to fall off every now and then, just so I can say "What was that?" I'm still undecided on paying people to come round every few weeks and beat the crap out of me just so I can experience the full Mal lifestyle.
zz9, I think if you are going to have bad guys drop by, you will have to have a "Simon" as well. Thanks for the laugh.

And Madhatter, people like Craig or XanFan may be hinting like crazy, but I'll come out and say it. If you build it, they will come I'll be glad to take it off your hands.

[ edited by Lioness on 2006-01-29 01:41 ]
Lioness, not overly keen on living with Simon. Not to bad mouth the guy but he's just not my type. River, on the other hand....
Mal can live with me!! I'm sure I can hide him in one of those storage areas so my husband doesn't find him!!
zz9, well, and with River being a genius, I guess that she could quickly learn enough medicine to keep you patched up.
Firefly Fanatic, I think you are being very unfair to Mal, stuffing him away like that. He should go with someone who would appreciate him and keep him out on display like the BDH he is.
I'm willing to take that on.

I wants it.

I also wants someone else to builds it.

Funniest thing I've read in a while... and I'll second that remark. My precious.

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