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January 27 2006

Anthony Head's new film 'Imagine Me & You' opens this weekend. And it's mentioned on the IMDB Home Page! And there's a review of the movie at Ain't It Cool News.

Very excited, though we have to wait a while for it to appear here in the UK.
The trouble with linking to IMDB's home page is that the information changes daily and we prefer permanent links at Whedonesque. So I've swapped things around and linked to the official site for the movie and hopefully captured the flavour of your original link. I didn't know about this so thanks for the heads up.
Thank you Simon for the editing
I saw the trailer for this movie before Brokeback Mountain and I turned to my friend (who isn't a Buffy fan) and squealed, "It's Giles from Buffy! I must see this!" So, maybe instead of seeing Memoirs of a Geisha next week I'll go see this.
I'm very excited. A few of us are going to a free screening on Monday as it doesn't open around here for at least a couple more weeks. I've never seen ASH on the big screen so this will be a real treat.
I couldn't get the trailer to download on my 'puter. A quick run down on this movie please. Anything with Tony Head is bound to be good.
The trailer wouldn't download for me either.
I've added a link to a review of the movie to the subject line. That should give people an idea of what the movie is about.
If you're having trouble viewing, try the apple trailer site to have a look...
Theres a review on They say it has a fresh premise but then goes into your standard rom com fare.

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