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January 27 2006

Sean Maher and Summer Glau chat about Serenity. Cool interview over at to mark the upcoming release of the DVD in Australia.

Nice stuff.

Notice how they weren't optimistic about a sequel? At all?
And Joss, I think, was sort of a miracle worker in a sense that he kept it alive and fought so hard for this. It's really his baby.

This comment caused me to cry. Joss knows what he's about and he had a story to tell. Most would've let it go, but Joss said no. He wanted it to go out for the soul reason that his fans were begging for more. He busted his ass to do so and we'll never forget that. I, for one, wish to thank Joss.

Now, what's next?
Thank you Joss

and all our BDHs
I wonder when this interview was done?

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