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January 27 2006

MWC reviews the Spike Bust with a number of quality photos of the surprised-looking one he got.

Did Spike just eat a Cherry popsicle or did they put lipstick on him?
Fruit-punch mouth?? :)
Awww, he looks so sad. Maybe because his Maybelline wasn't the shade that he was wanting.
The eyes look so sad. And the lips - not blood, more strawberry-flavoured lip gloss. And what happened to the eyebrow scar?
The face wasn't very expressive...
oooooh. That is ugly. Also, it cuts him off right where you expect the view to continue. I think Spike would knock its block off.
Good one, SangChaud. :D

I quite like it, actually. I think it's a nice likeness. The other (armless) busts scare me. This one, not so much.
I think the sculpt is good and it is just a bad paint job - those lips really jump out at you! But someone with talent and good customizing skills could fix him up in a jiffy!
Actually, it's close to the IKON figure of Spike. I don't collect the busts, but this one looks pretty good.
I ditto Firefly Flanatic. Those dang lips were the first thing I noticed! Yikes. It totally looks like lipstick. Ugh. I'm happier with my "Angel Season 5" Spike figure. At least it has the eyebrow scar and normal-colored lips.

Great sculpt, bad paint job. Just like the author said.

One eensie weensie nitpick on the article: Spike pained his nails black as a punk, not a goth.

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