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January 28 2006

'The Notorious Bettie Page' trailer online. The movie is about the cult 1950s sex icon and stars our very own Jonathan M. Woodward.

Doesn't actually look too bad, I think. Nothing outstandingly original, and I'm not too familiar with the actual Bettie Page, but again doesn't look too bad. My only other complaint is that Johnny, being third billed, is only in the one spot in the trailer.
Ehm, the film is (/will be) rated R. The trailer is 'approved for all audiences' like most trailers and certainly all those found on

[If anyone reading this comment is wondering what I'm on about, the subject of the post has been corrected, so what I referred to is no longer there, feel free to be confused. ;-)]

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Awesome, awesome. Thank you, Simon!
Ah fair enough, given the lead actress prancing around in underwear I erred on the side of caution.
I am completely in love with Jonathan M. Woodward. He's got a great personality and the talent to match :)
80's post-punkers (like me) just adored Bettie Page... the black hair, the naughty leather gear.... She could've walked off the pages of those pin-ups and into our mosh-pits.

The "Bettie Page" sensibility was much more interesting and beguling to us than say...Monroe or even Madonna at the time.

I remember being in San Antonio's premier punk club TacoLand and listening to one of our locals ("The Flaming Hellcats") tearing through a song called "Bettie Page" and being in heaven.

There is some other Buffy connection besides Johnathan... maybe the interesting "Bettie Page" ethos just evokes all sorts of other Pagliaesque-female-empowerment issues. But I really don't care for Camille I'll stick to Bettie Page rocked!
More about Bettie Page here--from 2001 A&E Biography, "E! True Hollywood Story", and more. I have no idea how much of her post-1957 story will factor into the movie.
Ah thank you! Jonathan looks adorable in his all-too-brief clip, and I will definitely be seeing this when it comes out.
Didn't feel like downloading new software to look at this, but given the subject matter and the filmmaker, Mary Harron ("I Shot Andy Warhol," "American Psycho"), this should be at least worth a look and quite possibly better than that. Hopefully, it will be a big career break for Jonathan who I think is an especially interesting actor and [inviso texting for the benefit of lurkers or others who have may not have seen, "Conversations with Dead People," "The Message" and/or Season 5 of AtS].
I hope this movie makes it over to the UK.

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