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January 28 2006

Vote for Serenity as 'Unsung Gem' at The movie is up against Brokeback Mountain and A History of Violence among others.

"Brokeback Mountain" is an 'Unsung Gem'? Really?? Cuz it sure as hell seems to be getting a lot of singing these days... Well, then again, when one considers the nominees they have for Movie of the Year, it almost makes sense...
Yeah. Very commercial choices.

I voted for something in every category, though, even though I hadn't seen most of the nominees, and the ones I had seen were generally not award-worthy, just so we wouldn't be accused of ballot stuffing again.
Well...the choices sucked for the most part...but I got in as many Brokeback Mountain votes as I could!

...Except for I voted for Serenity for unsung gem.
In the Unsung Gem category, Brokeback Mountain is described thusly:

This year's critical darling

And that makes it
Although the list, in all respect sucked, it was fun none the less. But I mean, Daniel Radcliffe for best actor?? Thats just ridiculous, there were ALOT more and far better performances throughout the year. Most of the categories were pretty bad nominees.
I think that if this version of Revenge of the Sith had been shot and released to theatres, it would have certainly earned its over-representation (IMHO, that is) on this list and the entire cast would have been most welcome in the "Most Hysterical Performance" category (but oh, who to single out for the top choice?).

Oh well. As stated above, very commercial choices, though that's to be expected, considering the site. It's an honour just to be nominated...right?

Voted. Actually, I was glad to see that 'Serenity' was nominated.
Brokeback Mountain is an Unsung Gem? That made me laugh. I haven't seen that much buzz about a film in ages.
Both 'Brokeback Mountain' and 'History of Violence' seemed pretty sung to me so I didn't have too much trouble voting for 'Serenity' (even tho' you could perhaps make a case that they were better films).
Serenity would totally get my vote... if A History of Violence wasn't nominated as well. Sorry, but it was a better film.
I'm crawling back under my rock.
It saddens me that Serenity lost a vote to A History of Violence. That was one of the most disappointing films of the decade. :-(

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