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"Thats more than the usual amount of ninjas."
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July 18 2002

Buffy the Journal Slayer. Quote from the site: "This is a listing of journallers who have a tendency to sit at home on Tuesday nights, staring at the TV in rapt concentration." Choose your favorite BtVS or AtS character and get sorted. Funny to see how Dawn, Riley and Gunn get no support.

Be sure to download the two fonts available there, one of which is Angelized, the font used for the WHEDONesque logo.

Link via fimoculous, via our referrers.

(And what's with those shiny, red cheeks?)

fun idea---if they would occasionally UPDATE their membership. *broad stinking hint*
I signed up under Dawn because she looked kinda lonely.
LOL, make sure you have plenty of crackers and chesse to go with all that 'whine'. ;)
Hey if you had a belly full of green glowing jelly you'd probably whine a lot too. *smirk*

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