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January 29 2006

Help build the Buffyverse at Wikipedia, or peek at recent articles. Main link's on becoming a Buffyverse Wikipedian. Non-writers may wanna instead look at articles through 'Buffy', 'Angel', 'Buffyverse', 'Buffyverse chronology', 'All Buffyverse articles', and so on.

It was recently implied on Whedonesque that much of Wikipedia's Buffyverse episode guide is lacking. Well some Whedonesquers might wanna deal with this by adding 'Wikipedian' to their CV and start writing. For example 'Angel episodes' could do with a lot of work.

Else take a breezy look around the Buffyverse, which people are still regularly working on. There are hundreds of Buffyverse articles but some starting points might be the links above and also: 'Buffyverse canon', 'Buffy characters',
'Buffy eps', 'Angel eps'.

The Buffyverse chronology mentioned above eventually hopes to offer a complete guide to every episode, novel, and comic of the Buffyverse and place them into the timeline correctly.

Of course, there's also the Whedonesque Wiki...
It's a shame that the efforts for a wiki-Buffyverse is divided, there are many well written articles over at the but it has suffered from lack up of updates for months whilst the Buffyverse articles at Wikipedia are getting dozens of updates/edits every week.
I find it a pity that the entire wiki-verse seems to be continually dividing itself up. There's specialised Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica wikis in an effort to keep trivial ephemera from the wikipedia, but in my mind it's not like extra BSG trivia makes the wikipedia harder to use!

Now there's TVIVwiki, which is pulling TV resources away from the wikipedia (or attempting to) - which seems like a waste of people power. Essentially it's doubling up on basic info and not getting the in depth info that could make these essential contributions to the wikipedia itself.
I agree, madness, the issue of 'fancruft' is quite controversial on wikipedia to people who consider such information less important than say for example the classic novel, 'Moby Dick'. But to my mind that is elitism. Maybe this is the reason for the creation of TVIVwiki - to halt the impressive encyclopedic collection on fan subjects, divide and conquer :) However I believe that popular culture has a place at wikipedia, and that if more people contribute to the Buffyverse articles and make them informative and well-written, there could be something to be be proud of and justify such information to the non-believers.
'List of Buffyverse-related topics' has just gone up for deletion, if you're interested take a look at the article then decide whether you think it should be deleted or saved at its potential deletion forum by clicking on the 'edit this page' tab near the top, then adding in text at the bottom about whether the article is worthy of keeping or not.

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Note that while you are more than welcome to support "List of Buffyverse topics" on the Articles for Deletion page, unless you're a regular participant in the Articles for Deletion process, your vote is likely to mean little.

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