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January 29 2006

DVDs Can Revive a Dying TV Series. A look at how the market for DVD box sets of television shows can bring them around. Firefly mentions, even quotes from fan-sites and fan-forums.

Yep, good press, and a positive note at the end. But it didn't mention Serenity, which seems to me to be at least a substantial event as the reappearance of Family Guy after multiple years. Oh well, can't have everything.
Does seems odd they didn't mention Serenity, maybe the writer wasn't aware of it?!?
Maybe the writer thought the greenlighting of Serenity had nothing to do with sales of the Firefly DVD.
Maybe the writer knows nothing about Firefly and didn't research it enough to realize that Serenity had been made, and only even knew about Firefly because he simply stumbled across a fanbase forum with old comments?

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These seasonlong collections have democratized television viewership by giving consumers another way to express their allegiance to a program.

That's something I've been saying all along. Even though I've seen every episode of Dead Like Me I still proceeded to buy the DVD's and when my friend asked me why (not being able to understand the fact I might just want to see them again) I told him that buy giving the studio money what I'm saying is "Make more shows like this please."
Maybe the writer thought the greenlighting of Serenity had nothing to do with sales of the Firefly DVD.

Which, I believe, is Joss' position as well. He said Mary Parent was onboard 'before I made up the story' for Serenity. As he admitted to working on the screenplay on July 17, 2003, six months prior to DVD release... well, one assumes he wrote thwe script after coming up with the story :)
It was indeed greenlit (word?) early on, but I'm sure the wonderful Firefly DVD sales made Universal feel good about their decision.
There's a lot of websites on the Internet that don't mention Serenity. Should I start linking to them on the front page?
I have read all over the place that Serenity on disk brought about a huge surge of interest in the box set of Firefly. Since the topic of the article was boxed sets of DVDs, I can see that they might not dwell on Serenity.

As far as the move of visual media out of tv and on to dvd: welcome to the future.

My prediction is that in a few years we'll see a lot more mini-series, or even longer series type stories written to go to dvd, and tv will act as the "sneak peak" by picking up and broadcasting them. With this will come a different kind of advertising, like more on the dvds.

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